Many professionals are leaning toward contacting new prospects through means other than picking up the phone. Cold calling is not dead. It is very much alive. To kick it up a notch, it makes sense to schedule first conversations and pitches via Zoom or other digital visual means.

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Nothing beats picking up the phone and having a real live voice to connect with. Combine this with facial expressions and enthusiasm and you are closer to building rapport with others.

But in order to set up the Zoom call, you still need to pick up the phone. Do not rely solely on using email and social media (LinkedIn or other platforms) to schedule first meetings. It’s a quick way to avoid rejection, but the number or meaningful connections you make will be fewer.

When you do land the Zoom call, follow these tips to make your meeting more successful:

1. Have an agenda

Select a few key areas to focus on. Have open-ended questions to ask the prospect. Close the video meeting by asking for the next step.

2. Be confident

Know and believe in yourself, and that you have something worthwhile to say. Smile. Be excited to share success stories about your business or background experience. Sounding monotone will kill any audience. Use vocal variety to sound upbeat and engaged.

3. Close the call properly

Assess whether your prospect is interested, inexperienced and where you will take the meeting from there. Have two or three “next steps” ready. Will you schedule a follow up Zoom call? If so, pick a date right then and there. Will you send more information? If so, schedule a follow up call to check in on a specific date.

Cold calling is not for the weak of heart. Always be specific as to what your next step will be. And do so, right then and there. You will quickly learn who your real prospects are. This is exactly what you want. They will either play ball or not. Saying “thank you for your time” is not a powerful close. In fact, it’s a sure way to get nowhere.


  1. Good tips. I use a quick video by text to make that first engagement and find this helps ‘break the ice’ well. When I get a mobile number from a new lead or an ongoing prospect and not in position to make the call a conversation because I’m driving to an appointment or on a task, the importance of responding within 5 minutes is proven through research to be critically important. I find it’s true, so I respond with a quick video text.


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