“So, what exactly are you doing to market my property?”

The implication is that you’re doing diddly-squat. But this question isn’t really about marketing. It’s about a lack of communication.

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Here’s my translation of the dreaded question: “What exactly do you do all day, anyway?”

Think about it. You hire someone to perform an important job, and then you never hear from them. What would you think?

That said, that marketing beyond the MLS is mostly what I call “fake marketing.” It’s designed to appease your sellers but not actually doing a darn thing to help them.

For example, you promote your listings on Facebook. Big deal. I mean, who goes to Facebook (rather than the MLS) to look for a new home? There’s a big difference between marketing the listing and marketing yourself. To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with marketing yourself on Facebook. You absolutely should do this! Let’s just be honest about why you’re doing it.

Virtually 100 per cent of the potential buyers for your listing will find out about it through the MLS. That’s exactly what I tell my sellers during my listing presentation and why 100 per cent of my marketing focus is on producing the most powerful, compelling MLS presentation possible.

If you do a great job advising your clients how to prepare their home for listing, provide the correct information to guide them to the right list price and you produce a powerful and compelling MLS presentation, 99 per cent of your marketing work is done. What else are you supposed to do?

Stand on the corner with a twirly sign?

However, your job as a professional real estate agent involves far more than “marketing properties.” For example, do you have a clear-cut strategy on how to communicate with your clients regularly so they know exactly what is going on at all times?

When you do this, your clients feel cared for, and they’re far less likely to wonder what it is you do all day. Making up stories about what you’re doing to “market the property” is a waste of time. Instead, learn how to keep your clients informed to make them feel more involved and part of the process.

Hot tip: Your focus should NOT be completing one transaction at a time. Rather, it should be to create a never-ending stream of incoming referrals. The first step to achieving this is to dramatically improve your communication skills.

Remember, marketing is only part of your job. If you want to build a sustainable business with a never-ending stream of incoming referrals, your communication plan is even more important than your marketing plan. What’s your communication strategy? And, more importantly, what is the exact system you will employ to ensure your strategy is implemented? If you don’t know, or you’re thinking, “I’ll figure that out later,” perhaps it’s time to stop thinking and start doing.

If you want to achieve massive success in real estate, stop accepting that good enough is good enough. It’s not.

“The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself… The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.” – Warren Buffett


  1. This is garbage.

    This so clearly looses sight of the value in marketing and of being an amazing Salesperson. I could write a 3 page essay on this, but why bother? When even “authorities” in our industry, believe “the place will sell itself”, what the point of explaining the basics of your job?

    Thoroughly disgusted by this mentality.

  2. Unfortunately it is true and fair question to ask… “what do most agents do”. I agree with when you market yourself your seller benefits. I’ have been a proponent of this method if marketing for years. However when you consider the majority of agents are part time perhaps even Uber drivers; what do they do. Many don’t do a lot and it is what casts a shadow on our business and what causes this question to be asked. This is not any one particular agents fault at all. The question that needs to be asked is “what criteria do a clients use to choose an agent”. I find myself shaking my head and asking this question myself.

  3. some smoke and mirrors work to keep sellers happy, with fancy brochures and gimmicks but regular personal contact makes for better negotiations and happy repeat clients

  4. Best thing I ever did was use my CRM to create task list templates for listings and buyers. I never realized how many little things we do for clients that really add up. Document every phone call, every email, it adds up.
    Also, we spend several unpaid hours every week staying up to date on the marketplace so that we can provide our clients with top notch service, that counts as well.
    And finally, as Julie said, I haven’t been asked that in years (I do more commercial than residential), but if I do get asked that again someday, and if the home is overpriced, or the client doesn’t clean up and do some staging/repair, or doesn’t provide required information, I will most certainly, after showing them what I do, respectfully ask them some form of, “And what are you doing to market your property?”

  5. Marketing is a very important part of selling properties. There is an Agent in Toronto who claims he spends millions of $$$ on marketing annually – and I believe he does! He is on every radio station in Toronto every hour plus pays for Celebrity endorsements – he is promoting himself which in turn markets his Sellers properties.

    Open Houses and glossy brochures are an excellent way of appeasing any nervous Sellers – does nothing to market the home but Sellers love it. All important measures.


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