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The real estate marketing industry has evolved dramatically in the past 10 years, with online marketing becoming a major player in the success of REALTORS® all over Canada, particularly in Toronto where 49,000 Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) members take an active role in developing their online presence for lead generation. It’s no secret why agents choose to turn to the web for improving their sales, considering 70% of buyers and 75% of sellers find their real estate agent online.

With online marketing becoming increasingly popular in the real estate industry, a new challenge has surfaced, making it difficult for agents to keep up with growing trends and constantly emerging real estate tools. Plus, with many real estate website and online marketing providers claiming to be the best, the question of, “Who is the best and who can generate the best results?” remains unanswered.

Having been in the industry for over 15 years, InCom has had the privilege of experiencing the development of real estate online marketing firsthand, and witness how it continues to assist REALTORS® with their overall lead conversion, especially during shifting markets. The accumulated 3.5 million leads we have managed to generate for our 9,500 REALTORS® is a true testament to our ability to produce profound results.

We have come to conclude that top producers in the industry continue to thrive while embracing a set of practices geared towards online marketing. Our objective here is to pinpoint exactly what those practices are, and how you can apply a successful strategy to triple your sales.

Practice #1: Establishing a Digital Footprint

All top producers share 1 commonality in their web presence: they all have a HTTPS mobile-responsive real estate website (designed for improved search ranking), with built-in tools aimed towards lead generation. These tools often take the form of landing pages and VIP access registration forms that both buyers and sellers can utilize during their research process. The more interesting takeaway is that websites with current blog content and locale-specific features generate the best visitor-to-website responses. A perfect example of a locale-specific feature is a built-in Preconstruction Condo Directory of projects in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). According to Altus Group, a data collector on the construction sectors, “Builders are facing lower demand for single-family homes as prices have climbed and more buyers are turning toward the condominium sector as the affordable alternative.” As such, offering invaluable information about upcoming projects and easy access to new developments in the GTA is a smart move for local REALTORS®.

Practice # 2: Utilizing Lead Magnet Tools

After surveying various real estate professionals, including those that have been practicing for years, those that are new and without listings, tech-savvy, and non-tech-savvy, all were able to improve their conversion by 18% after 1 year simply with the use of effective online lead magnet tools. For instance, those that have been practicing for years were able to save valuable time by redirecting their door-to-door marketing time to, instead, sharing listings straight from their website to a targeted audience from their social media page. Those that are new to the industry were able to showcase all listings from their real estate board into their website through IDX integration, and endorse them as their own to encourage direct inquiries. Those that were non-tech-savvy were able to generate leads using auto-response real estate landing pages like Dream Home Finder, Free Home Evaluation, Just Listed, and Neighbourhood Buzzer, just to name a few. Tech-savvy real estate professionals were able to use lead tracking reports to send relevant information to leads based on smart tracking functionalities that saved user online searches.

Practice # 3: Automating Lead Nurturing

While lead generation is a fundamental part of real estate, the lead nurturing process that proceeds shortly after is just as important for optimum conversions. Automated instant response solutions like drip email campaigns and autoresponders have become a huge commodity, eliminating all possibility of follow-up delay. In fact, 100% of surveyed buyers agreed that their agent’s response time was crucial to their satisfaction. There is an unspoken mutual understanding amongst all real estate professionals that high quality customer service is integral to their success; after all, referrals are considered to be one of the top sources of business for REALTORS®. A majority of REALTORS® continue to expand their network of referrals with the use of recurring real estate newsletters and postcards built into a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, perfect for personalized greetings and buyer or seller follow up information.

Establishing a digital footprint, utilizing lead magnet tools, and automating your lead nurturing does not have to be a challenge, and it certainly does not need to break the bank. In fact, top producers that are currently applying these best practices into their day-to-day business have managed to do so by simply using one top-down, full-featured online marketing platform with over 150 features and tools designed to work in synchronicity, and automatically, for best results. The added benefit of this solution is that new features will continue to be supplied into your platform as the need for them is introduced, without any additional financial requirement. InCom’s business model was designed this way to maximize results while minimizing costs, achieving the best Return On your Investment (ROI).

InCom offers all the tools paramount to your real estate online success. Feel free to reach out to learn more about what we can do for your business by going to: Better yet, contact us for a free consultation with an Online Marketing Specialist via 1 866 883 8951, Option 1.

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