As a company, there have been several times when we’ve been in uncertainty. Both in my current business and in my past business, no matter what caused the uncertainty, the most important thing we did was carve out a strategy.

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A strategy helps us to determine why we’re here, what we want to accomplish and how we’re going to be able to focus on the future.

Whenever we’re in uncertainty, or fear, we can be blinded by all of the potential worst-case scenarios. If we can choose to align our team around opportunities in any difficult situation, we can stop focusing on the negative and instead visualize where we’re going in the future, and how we’re able to move forward together with confidence.

Most people get stuck in the mess of the current times and lose focus on building. No matter what scenario is currently playing out in the world, you need to be building for where you’re going with confidence. Data-driven risk is essential for every entrepreneur.

You need to know that this business is for you, that it’s not about money, it isn’t about a business, it’s about a purpose in your life and something that you believe that you’re destined to be doing. This mentality will drag you to the future, even when you feel exhausted and burned out.

The No. 1 principle that can help guide a company through the ups and downs of turbulent times is agile focus.

We need to be compassionate and connected with our teams, but we also need to be hyper focused on what’s most important in order to lead people through difficult times and still bring value to the marketplace. When the future seems uncertain is actually the best time to create the future.

Winston Churchill once said, “Never waste a good crisis.” I look at that and say, “Never waste a good storm.”

Tension creates focus, and you may even want to extend the amount of time that you have that tension. The focus created from tension is invaluable to any business owner. It’s one of the best times to align a team, when you lean into that tension and use it rather than waste this storm. The tension will allow you to be 10 times better than you were when you came into this situation.


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