Properly, based in Toronto, is partnering with Jiffy, a home maintenance and repair app, to introducing a new service called Properly Polish powered by Jiffy. The service offers sellers a $20,000 interest-free advance for home upgrades and improvements prior to listing.

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It provides homeowners with a list of recommended home improvements, strategically selected to add the most value to the home before selling, the companies say. All updates are then co-ordinated and executed using Jiffy – usually within a week. The seller only pays back the costs of the upgrades after closing the sale of their home, eliminating the financial burden and stress of managing home upgrades prior to listing, the companies say. They say most home sellers want to use all of their extra cash to fund a deposit or down payment on their next home, and so the interest-free advance can help to maximize their sale price without sacrificing their buying budget.

“Something as simple as a paint job or basic landscaping has shown time and time again to result in higher home sale prices, yet organizing and paying in advance for these services is highly stressful and financially difficult,” says Anshul Ruparell, co-founder and CEO, Properly. Properly says it offers professional cleaning and home staging at no additional cost and “now we’re introducing a more affordable and easier way to complete home upgrades with Jiffy because we recognize these improvements can mean the difference between receiving one or two offers and setting a new price record on your street.”

Ryan Shupak, co-founder and CEO, Jiffy, says, “Some Properly agents are already using Jiffy to improve their clients’ homes, helping them to increase curb appeal and sale value. This new partnership means Properly clients can now use Jiffy’s vetted pros for over 40 different home improvement services without having to co-ordinate any of the upgrades or spend a dollar upfront.”

Properly is a tech-enabled real estate brokerage that says it is the only service in Canada that helps homeowners to buy before they sell. It is based in Toronto.  The Jiffy app is available in Toronto and Ottawa.


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