Around 48 per cent of people are afraid of calling and technology has made this fear even worse. If cold calling, sales calling or the mere idea of picking up the phone sends shivers down your spine, you may find it can limit your success or results in sales. Sure, you can run targeted ads with technology, but it doesn’t have the same conversion and impact as voice. And your database wants to hear from you.

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You might wonder though, what is holding you back? From a neuroscience perspective, fear makes blood flow away from your brain, specifically the front lobe, where your logical thinking happens. And that’s when the fight or flee response kicks in, which makes you just sit there and panic out. If you are nervous about calling your database, it literally could all be in your head!

Here are my six best tips to help you overcome the fear of calling your database.

1. Selling is a business, and you’re in one!

It doesn’t matter what type of selling you’re doing; you’re working a business. You are a business owner and a huge part of what you personally do is “sell”. Working in sales is a respectable, lucrative and highly skilled position. When I think of a luxury agent selling homes I am blown away by the knowledge. A salesperson who works with income properties knows numbers at such high levels. We are surrounded by so much talent; be confident in what you do, and you’ll find it much easier to make the calls.

2. Always add value.

When you’re making calls, make sure you know what value you’re bringing to the table. For example, while you’re on the phone, you can share a quick market update, a rate change that just happened, new home improvement grants offered or a record-breaking sale in their area. Try to keep the value real estate related; you want to be seen as a resource in your industry.

3. Stop re-affirming how much you dislike calling.

If you keep saying you hate doing calls or are afraid of it, your brain is going to make you believe it. Get attached to the results and understand that being a highly skilled sales rep is a gift. Reaffirm that you’re going to make these calls because you love revenue and you want to have success with these calls.

4. Role-play to train your brain.

Role-play trains your brain every single time you get nervous about doing something. So, pick up a phone and call your friend. Ask them to pretend to be your potential customer and talk to them as a sales rep. Remember, the more you train your brain to do something, the more it becomes automatic and comfortable for you.

5. Email your database with a call to action.

Let them know that you’ll be reaching out to them by phone to, for example, book them in for a mid-year review of their property pricing. Committing yourself to do something will create a little bit of pressure on you, but it will ease a lot of that fear. Often the fear of us being rejected is what holds us back. Once you’ve emailed them, it becomes easier for you to pick up the phone and have a conversation.

6. Look at your calls as customer service.

Take the time to get to know your database, the actual people behind the names, and then always come from a place of contribution. This will show the database that you care about their needs and don’t only just want business. Once you start looking at your calls as customer service-related calls, you’re going to see massive success. If more companies did these calls our brand loyalty would go through the roof.

Key takeaway:

I’ve spent a whole lifetime on the phone, and I can tell you that if you follow these six tips, you’re going to embrace your fear and be in a position where your skills and your results are all in line together.

Mary-Anne is the CEO of Red Apple Coaching and Consulting (, the #1 Customized Business Coaching Company. Known as a trailblazer she created numerous coaching systems and programs and the first Hybrid Coaching Program in the Real Estate Industry, GameChanger. With over 19000 Billable coaching hours she leads the industry in knowledge, skills, and experience and is often consulted for her ability to predict market trends. She has been published in Forbes, Inman, REM and is an author of the “Resilient Real Estate Women” book. Known for her ability to bring businesses #1 in their fields and has been behind the most #1 Teams in Real-estate. With over 800 business owners experiencing average profits of $3 million and 50% annual growth rates she has shared the stages with Grant Cardone, Ryan Serhant, Arlene Dickenson and many more. In her free time when she's not studying Neurosciences, she surfs the world, spears fishes and rescues puppy mill dogs. In May 2021, she accomplished one of her biggest goals and became a full Ironman after transforming her life from 300lbs to Fit as Fu!K! Having come from being homeless after losing her family, Mary-Anne is the true definition of a “Bad A$$ Business Woman” by truly living the mantra “Anything is Possible”!!


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