Finding talented agents for your team can be challenging. Over the years, I’ve learned that being a great agent or running an exceptional team does not in itself attract agents. You need to have a solid recruiting plan. In this article, you’ll explore my top eight tips that will help you grow your team.

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1. Don’t treat it like a part-time event

If you’re only looking for talent when you need it, you may not have backup talent in certain situations. When you hire an agent, don’t assume that they’re going to be around forever. Always have a database of great talent that you are in conversation with, just in case.

2. Gratitude isn’t overrated, especially during COVID-19

Have a follow-up plan for every agent you deal with during COVID-19 and keep that consistent within your business and your team. It could be a simple handwritten letter saying something like, “Hey, thank you so much for doing a great deal with our team (or with myself). We (I) really enjoyed working with you. Our team is always growing and looking for talent. If you ever consider joining a team, please feel free to reach out.”

Be honest. Tell them you always appreciate talent and are looking for it.

3. Leverage social media to brand team culture

Use social media to show off your positive branding of your team culture. When someone hears you are looking to hire they will look you up. Do they see a fun team? Do they see someone with a sense of humour? Perhaps they see a community person.

4. I am a five-star, are you?

If you want to attract five-star talent…are you a five star? Check all the sites that give reviews on you and your team and get those five-star reviews posted! As a coach I’m always asked by my clients to give them five-star reviews.

5. Call other top team owners

What do they say…sharing is caring?

Reach out to other top team owners and say something like, “Hey, I know you have five or six great agents. I’m looking for one. By any chance, if you happen to have another amazing agent come in and you don’t have room on your team because you’re at capacity, would you mind sending them my way?”

Alternatively, if you have a solid network, you may also reach out to some contacts that have teams as well. Also, don’t forget that not all teams are the same. An agent on a large team might prefer a smaller one and vice versa. There could be opportunities for both teams on that call.

6. Look at agent awards and designations

Often brokerages give shout-outs on social media to agents who receive awards. Reach out to them, congratulate them on their achievement and let them know that you’re open to recruiting top talent in case they ever consider joining a team.

Also, look at awards like Top 30 Under 30. Connect with those award winners and build a relationship with them. For instance, you could invite them as a guest speaker to your mastermind, while letting them know that you’re always looking for talent.

7. Look for agents that are at $300,000 for the last four years

Don’t ignore agents that are consistently producing $300,000. At some point during COVID-19, they might have really reconsidered whether they want to build a team or scale it up. However, if their business isn’t growing and they’ve been stagnant at $300,000 for the last four years, they may be interested in a senior position on your team.

You can acquire that talent by taking everything off their plate. They’re at that level where they’re doing a lot of deals and paperwork and they may love having some extra team support.

8. Offer hiring incentives

You can ask other brokers or even your team members to refer great talent. In return, offer them some incentives to do so, for example, a cheque cut from the talent’s second transaction or a gift card.

Alternatively, you may also donate to their favorite charity on their behalf. Come up with a reasonable amount such as $1,500 per talent.

Talent yields such a great return on a team! Offer an incentive to existing team members and people who help you find new recruits.

Key takeaway:

Finding talent for your team isn’t a one-and-done thing. Instead, it’s a continuous process. You must have a plan in place and implement a multitude of ideas.

Mary-Anne is the CEO of Red Apple Coaching and Consulting (, the #1 Customized Business Coaching Company. Known as a trailblazer she created numerous coaching systems and programs and the first Hybrid Coaching Program in the Real Estate Industry, GameChanger. With over 19000 Billable coaching hours she leads the industry in knowledge, skills, and experience and is often consulted for her ability to predict market trends. She has been published in Forbes, Inman, REM and is an author of the “Resilient Real Estate Women” book. Known for her ability to bring businesses #1 in their fields and has been behind the most #1 Teams in Real-estate. With over 800 business owners experiencing average profits of $3 million and 50% annual growth rates she has shared the stages with Grant Cardone, Ryan Serhant, Arlene Dickenson and many more. In her free time when she's not studying Neurosciences, she surfs the world, spears fishes and rescues puppy mill dogs. In May 2021, she accomplished one of her biggest goals and became a full Ironman after transforming her life from 300lbs to Fit as Fu!K! Having come from being homeless after losing her family, Mary-Anne is the true definition of a “Bad A$$ Business Woman” by truly living the mantra “Anything is Possible”!!


  1. 8 creative ideas to find agents for your team

    “Look for agents that are at $300,000 for the last four years”

    Right! Guarantee you anyone making that can’t rely on a team to produce clients for them with that parity, nor do they need to be led.


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