Mustafa Abbasi
Mustafa Abbasi

Zolo Realty recently launched Zolo Mortgages. Buyers working with Zolo real estate agents will get immediate access to Broker Financial Group’s more than 900 agents in more than 60 brokerages across Ontario.

“It’s hard for us, as professional real estate agents, to spend days, weeks, even months helping our buyer find the perfect place only to have their dreams smashed because of strict finance qualification rules,” says Mustafa Abbasi, president of Zolo Realty. With the addition of a mortgage partner, deals can be streamlined, the company says.

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With Broker Financial Group, agents of Zolo Mortgages can place all types of mortgages including purchases, refinances, equity takeouts, debt consolidations, renewals and mortgages for self-employed.

“We know that five in 10 renters expect to purchase a home in the next five years,” says Abbasi. “Applying for a mortgage is arguably everyone’s least-favourite and least-understood part of the process. By working with Zolo, these buyers get a seamless, integrated and holistic approach, which is necessary given that the days of easy credit and super-fast housing sales won’t be around forever.”

Launched in 2012, Zolo says it is one of Canada’s most popular online national real estate marketplaces. It has offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg and Toronto. Broker Financial Group is an Ontario-based firm of independent mortgage brokers.


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