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BY HEINO MOLLS – In our journey through life, we have all picked up stories that we tell about our experiences. The stories reflect our thoughts, our perspectives and our opinions.
We should all be writing them down.
Most of us have heard the old adage that everyone has a book in them that they should write. If you haven’t heard that before, you have now. The vast majority of people in the real estate community are over 40. The average age of people in our industry is somewhere in the
mid-50s. Our recent readership survey showed that a huge percentage of real estate people are in their 60s.
At this age, many of us have gone through the heartache of losing one of our parents. Some of us have lost both. Almost all of us have lost someone close to us; a friend, a mentor or a person that we knew well and respected.
How many times have we wished that we had asked that person a certain question that we did not think of before? How many times have we thought that if only we could call on that person today for their advice or viewpoint, we could have a better perspective on a certain challenge or
decision that we are facing?
If they had written a book or kept a journal we would have not only a document of their journey through life but an understanding of their thoughts, their perspectives, even their opinions on all the challenges they had faced. Such a book would be invaluable.
For these reasons alone, we should consider writing our own book. Today, we are the mentors. We are parents. We are close to many people who value our thoughts, our perspectives, and our opinions.
Writing a book about yourself is not an egotistical exercise if it is truthful. It may be one of the most unselfish things you can do. In all the time that people knew you, loved you and respected you, what was in your heart? What went through your mind at different times in the history of your time? Why not write it down? Those who care about you would cherish your words. Just like you would cherish the words of someone you have lost.
Today, we have the tools to easily write our stories at our fingertips. Almost everyone has a keyboard of some kind. No need flatter ourselves to think that our book should be a literary masterpiece or that any publisher is going to pick it up and sell it to the masses.
Type it up and run off a few copies at the local copy shop. Put it in a good hardy binder. Write it in your own style of words. If you didn’t do it that way, it would not be a reflection of the character you are. After all, if it didn’t have all the faults and quirks that people know you for, it would be like fiction. And that would be worthless.
We are all different. But all of us are on a journey through life. Our journeys will take us to all kinds of different places and circumstances. It stands to reason that all of our stories will be unique and different.
Perhaps in the years to come, your story may be meaningful to a stranger who will never meet you. But they will know you, through your book. Perhaps your story will inspire them to write about their journey.
That would be a wonderful achievement. Because at the end of the day, all that we are and all that any of us will ever be, is a story.

Heino Molls is the publisher of REM.

By: Heino Molls
[email protected]


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