Working with investors pays off

Tahani Aburaneh

By Connie Adair

Help someone buy a house and hope for repeat business when they decide to sell several years down the road. Or help someone buy a house and get repeat business several times in the same year. How? Become a Realtor who specializes in working with investors.

Realtor, speaker, developer and author Tahani Aburaneh shares her secrets about this lucrative niche market in her new book, Real Estate Riches: A Canadian Investor’s Guide to Working with the Right Agent.

Although it appears to be geared to investors, the 240-page hardcover book actually provides a wealth of information for Realtors, especially since the best place for a Realtor to start is by becoming an investor, Aburaneh says. “You’ll be a better Realtor if you experience it first hand.”

And it will pay off, she says. Aburaneh says she decided to become an investor and then to work only with investors because it’s “less costly and less of a hassle.”  Instead of spending money to feed your ego with bench ads and signs, use your money to generate more money by buying income properties, she says. Working with investors means you’ll work with fewer different clients but sell the same number or more properties. For example, she showed four houses to one client. “He bought three,” she says, adding that most of her clients buy between two and five properties in the same year.

Her plan of action has worked. Aburaneh’s is a rags to riches story. Born in Amman, Jordan, Aburaneh lived in a refugee camp until she was a teenager. She entered into an arranged marriage and immigrated to Canada in 1981. In her mid-20s she was the mother of two.

Her real estate career began in 1995 but it wasn’t until 2002 that she became an investor and helped other investors. It was the same year she and her husband divorced. The pressure was on for the single mother to earn a living.

Over the years she purchased numerous investment properties and joined the Real Estate Investment Network. In 2009 she started Key Connexions, a Cambridge/Kitchener Ont.-based brokerage that specializes in investors. More recently, she started Tahani Development, a company that develops land and builds properties, and bought a pink hard hat to go with her new responsibilities.

“All of my friends saw how I was divorced and had nothing (and worked) to where I am now,” says Aburaneh. “I’m not smarter than any man, woman or investor but I chose to learn. It’s not like I had all these people around me (to help).” She says she had to figure out how to differentiate herself and she had to work hard to do it. However, she says, “The rewards are incredible. The average Realtor chases business. People are asking me to take them on as a client.”

Aburaneh shares the knowledge she has gathered over the years, as well as those of the thousands of investors she has helped along the way.

The majority of investors are in their 30s to 50s, but she has had an investor as young as 19-years-old. The majority of investors are male, something Aburaneh says she is working to change by empowering women.

Real Estate Riches is Aburaneh’s first book. “Don R. Campbell, president of the Real Estate Investment Network, said, ‘I think you have a book inside you’. With a book, you can help more people than just your own clients. He introduced me to the editor at Wiley.”

In addition to being a must-read for Realtors, the book makes a great client gift, she says.

It retails for $39.95 and is available at Amazon, Chapters and Indigo.

Aburaneh is donating 100 per cent of the royalties to, a humanitarian organization that fights global poverty, placing a special emphasis on empowering women. Now that she is financially free, Aburaneh says she wants to make a difference in other people’s lives.

She is also reaching out to people in North America and internationally as a speaker, and she also coaches Realtors.

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