The hardest part of your real estate business is getting the client. Although buyers are always great to have in the pipe, sellers give you the control over the deal and give you the opportunity to even double-end the deal. So the first challenge is to get out there and market your real estate business so you can build mindshare.

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The next is, once someone inquires and starts to take interest in working with you, you now need to sell them on why they should choose you. Now, “sell” may be a harsh way to frame it, but the reality is you could be up against one or more other sales reps, especially when it comes to winning the listing at the listing presentation.

Salespeople are always trying to improve their listing presentations and searching for ideas on how to make these listing presentations better. Many focus on the overall look and what they’re going to say about themselves to prove why they’re the best, but in this video I break down the real key to winning every time. Pro tip: It’s not about you, it’s about them. Watch!


  1. As always, you offer great advice from the prospects perspective that can be easily overlooked when vying for that listing or buyer. It is, and should always be “about them” and “their needs, wants and desires” which your presentation can then be tailored to show you have the solution. No amount of fluffy charts, graphs and brag sheets will achieve what this one simple tool you mentioned will.


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