We all naturally “click” with some clients. It’s fun and easy to work with them.

Others? Not so much.

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If you’re like most everyone, some folks just rub you the wrong way.  But, did you know that you probably drive them crazy, too?

Think about which of the following types drives you the craziest, and then I’ll reveal your type.

  1. The person who likes to control everything and has little to no patience for “chitty-chat.”
  2. The loud, outgoing talker who shows little interest in your purely logical argument.
  3. The quiet, reserved person who can’t seem to answer a straightforward question.
  4. The engineer-type who has to analyze everything to death and can’t make a decision.

Now, before I reveal which type you are, understand that the above negative description is coming from the perspective of your opposite communication style, not from me!

If you chose #1 (The Driver), you’re #3 (The Amiable), and vice-versa. You drive each other crazy.

If you chose #2 (The Expressive), you’re #4 (The Analytical), and vice-versa. You drive each other crazy.

The reason you drive each other crazy is that you are opposites in two key areas:

  1. You either value facts and data more (Analyticals and Drivers), or you value relationships more (Expressives and Amiables) and
  2. You are either more introverted (Analyticals and Amiables) or more extroverted (Drivers and Expressives).

It really is that simple to determine a person’s preferred communication style. But it takes time and effort to learn what to do about it.

When you encounter people with a different communication style from your own (approximately 75 per cent of the people you meet), and you understand better how they think, it’s easy to alter your style to accommodate them and dramatically improve your interpersonal relationships.

You’re in a relationship-based business, after all.

Better relationships = more moula.

The golden rule is dead. Do not treat people the way you want to be treated. Treat them the way they want to be treated.

If you’re a professional Realtor and you don’t think this subject is worthy of serious, dedicated study, I’m not exactly sure how you’re even making a living.

Don’t make the common mistake of assuming you’re a “natural” at this stuff. If you still run into people who drive you crazy, you’re not.


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