Use technology to boost your business, but focus on building real relationships with your clients, says David Greenspan in this short video.

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  1. Since there is no specific place to post this, I have added here in the “tech” REM home page button.

    How to get rid of those incoming always at the most inopportune time, pesky uninvited iPhone txt msgs phone numbers…

    HINT: To block unwanted incoming txt msgs numbers on your iPhone, using the little arrow to the right of the incoming msg screen, you can see “information” on the caller; then click the “contact” button, and you have the option to add just that number to your contacts’ list.

    From your contacts list you then can block that contact by scrolling to the bottom of the page where you can click “block contact.”

    Then delete the contact completely from you contacts’ list.

    That’s the only way I know of that you can get rid of that nuisance txt caller number.

    By doing this procedure, you don’t have to contact your carrier who likely will tell you they cannot block the incoming txt msg number. They literally get millions of requests.

    Carolyne L ?


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