Going door-knocking, you deal with all kinds. Grumpy people, doors slamming in your face, you name it. Bruce Keith has found one key insight from this experience that you can apply to real estate sales.

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  1. I must live in a different market because I have knocked on doors for 6 years and have talked to thousands of people and I could probably count on my two hands the number of times I run in to grumpy people or have had the door slammed on me. Love the food drive idea though because, again, the people I talk to aren’t grumpy. It’s the best kept secret out there!

    • DoorknocKen:
      Every once in awhile there shows up, unannounced, at homeowners’ front doors, a totally pleasant, sincere, well manicured transparent person who really does want to help people out with their real estate needs, and whatever monies ultimately flow from these interactions in the form of commissions is OK. I will bet that you are very content with making a decent living working with your clients.
      Homeowners instinctively respond to people who are truly likeable at first glance. You, Ken, may just be one of those rare birds. But you are absolutely in the minority when it comes right down to it. I believe that most real estate salespeople who door knock are strictly sniffing for dollars, and the looking out for clients’ best interests comes in a distant second in importance in the rat-race for business. It is at the front doors of unprepared consumers’ homes whose owners are barraged with scripted, manipulative reasoning games by industry-related inexperienced, unsophisticated, hungry wannabies where mercenary bullying tactics are born, practiced and fledged.
      BTW, if you love the food drive thing, then you are drifting toward a mercenary mentality. Try door knocking and handing the bags out ‘without’ your card attached thereto. If some ask you what you do for a living, you may tell them in good conscience. If they don’t ask, leave with a good feeling about yourself for having given of your time with no strings attached. All currency of note is not measured with dollar signs attached thereto.

  2. There are a number of defences available to a person charged under provincial trespass legislation, such as: If there is a fair and reasonable supposition that an accused person had a right to be on the land, someone so accused may be acquitted. In certain jurisdictions, there is also an implied permission to approach a door of a building — unless there is a notice (no soliciting, etc.) that warns people to stay away. How ironic is it that our own local Real Estate Board headquarters favours having a “No Soliciting” sign at the main entrance!

    I would have thought a top notch real estate coaches #1 Sales Insight, regarding the subject topic, should address knocking on doors after the sun goes down, and how regardless of any supposedly philanthropic come-ons have been devised, it wouldn’t matter a tinkers damn!

    • To be honest, I find it difficult to watch Bruce Keith’s videos because I keep thinking that the real message is coded within the movement of his hands, as what he says just astounds me, usually.

      In this video Bruce describes property owner’s who resent being solicited at their private residence as engaging in “weird” behaviour. In other words, the fact that the property owner should express they don’t want you (an agent) on their property is weird! Bruce further describes an anecdote where he names the Registrant (whom he coaches) and tells how the property owner’s who were “grumpy” previously, were still “grumpy” and unsurprisingly didn’t want to be solicited even when the pretext for accessing their front door the next time was a food drive.

      In this video Bruce Keith seems to be describing a situation where a Registrant has returned to private residences, in the same neighbourhood, knowing that the homeowner didn’t welcome their solicitations, based on previous encounters — which in some jurisdictions should clearly meet the standard for trespass! Bruce encourages his students to keep on going anyway because regardless: they are winning!

      In my opinion, this video is a major embarrassment to organized real estate, as it stands to try and validate a blissfully ignorant false entitlement!

  3. I watched Bruce’s video twice (I’m a slow learner). Apparently, people are grumpy, at least many of them. But why is this so? Answer: they don’t like being bugged by people knocking on their doors (or phoning them) invading their time whilst masquerading as “I’m here to help you with something or other” altruists. No wonder people don’t like real estate salespeople; they just keep on bugging people in their insatiable quest for commissions. Grumpy people see themselves as being viewed by real estate salespeople as vehicles for payoffs. I will bet that most real estate salespeople don’t like door-to-door salespeople banging on their doors or telemarketers phoning them either. People simply don’t like being bugged. They don’t care that the buggers are simply sifting through the grumps in order to find that one “YES”. Thus, the more successful a door-knocker is, the more he/she pisses off the majority of grumps, and the negative stereotyping of real estate salespeople/hustlers becomes even more entrenched amongst the grumps (the majority).
    Real estate sales people need to start acting as if they indeed ‘are’ professionals. Real professionals like doctors, lawyers, dentists, architects, teachers, engineers, appraisers etc. do not go around begging for business offering up freebies in the manner that real estate salespeople do, and they certainly do not get paid via commissions. This is because real estate sales as it stands now is not a profession; it is a claimed service-for-commission trade-off gamble. That’s right, it is a gamble when a client hires a real estate salesperson; the sales person has influenced the client to take a gamble on him/her, all without investing anything of substance other than agreeing to some terms to be met when and ‘if’ a transaction takes place…without any negative spin-off problems taking place. The public attitude toward the real estate sales industry will never improve all the while the stereotypical sales person is driven by commission chasing. The good guys/gals are far outnumbered by the run-of-the-mill riff-raff that over populates the overloaded registrant life boat without a rudder powered by a weak engine that uses too much fuel (registrant dues) and delivers too little performance (producing actual professionals) other than drafting up misleading, thus, corrupt, “We Are Your Neighbourhood Professionals” ads.
    Bruce’s advice really does work though…for those who don’t give a crap about what the grumpy door slammers think of them so long as they grab a commission here and there. It really is all about the short-term acquisition of money vs establishing a long-term vision of a profession. The guys/gals at the top of the ORE pyramid of bureaucrats and brokerage owners/franchisee owners are effectively one-and-the-same when it boils down to attitudes about making tons of money in the short term instead of doing what is right for the industry (not to mention the expendable minions in the filed) over the long term. Short-term monetary considerations will always win out under the current system. No wonder the system is set up to appeal to short-term thinkers and those desperate to “make it”. Keep on pissing the public off all you amateurs, because every “NO!….f….k off!!!” at the front door or at the end of a scripted telephone call is a step closer to a “yes”, don’t’cha know. That is not the preferred psychology of a wannabe professional who has just passed his/her six-week final exam and been awarded a licence allowing him/her to talk someone amongst hundreds of grumps into dealing with him/her after pestering and pissing off those hundreds of others on that quest for commissions. Potential clients (marks?) are simply to be viewed as numbers in a numbers game. No wonder we are held in such low esteem.
    Can’t wait for the naysayers (those thick-skinned, battle-hardened git-‘er-done types with dollar signs for pupils in their eyes) to chime in.
    Gotta go out and bring in the garbage pails now. Hope the driver took all of the flyers.


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