It’s human nature to avoid risk, but sometimes taking a risk has a great reward. Bruce Keith explains one of the benefits of risk taking: Taking more risks may mean more rejections, but it will also provide more rewards.

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  1. There’s no question that Bruce’s presentation makes sense from a raw sales perspective — it’s a common-sense proposition. However, where is Bruce’s video on service and rewards? I suspect that given organized real estates propensity to be totally unregulated regarding the number of licensed practitioners that this industry indulges at any point in time, we may be Bruce Keith’s largest basket of bread.

    We have wrestled elsewhere and here within the pages of REM over the question of: do we consider ourselves to be professional’s? One answer to that question is, as long as real estate practitioner’s need Bruce Keith’s presentations to survive: probably not. As long as our focus needs to be tilted in favor of prospecting and chasing the rabbit, instead of service, we might consider ourselves to be professional sales people, but certainly not professionals — broadly speaking.

    Our industry is Regulated in an official sense, but in a functional sense is it really? Is it realistic to think this industry is properly Regulated given that the excessive number of Registrants works against any notion that a Provincial Regulator could accomplish more than barely scratching the surface? Aggressive pro-active Regulation is really limited to Brokerage Trust Accounts. Provincial Regulators are reactive to consumer complaints, but consumers don’t tend to want to complain and intangible issues won’t show up in an office file. Provincial Regulators do pro-actively audit Brokerage office files, for the purpose of ascertaining something about the level of Brokerage Compliance and fines can result. These audits only look at a limited number of files. In addition, the Regulatory Audit system — I’m aware of — doesn’t seek to make a determination against the Managing Broker (recognize it as a separate violation), regarding when said Broker hasn’t documented any prior knowledge of a sales person’s violation. The Regulatory Audits tend to only be reactive against a Managing Broker, when the number of actual violations (ratio to files examined) reach an unacceptable number — but then again, this can come down to which particular files happen to be examined.


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