How to build trust with skeptics

You’ve probably heard that when you first deal with potential customers, you should share your elevator speech. I’ve found most of these verbal teasers of what you offer actually reduce trust.

What to do when someone says something you don’t like

I received an email reply the other day that wasn't so polite. And I had a choice – reply back or bite my tongue. In this video I share what happened.

Has the real estate business really changed?

Has the business of real estate really changed much? I mean from 20 or 30 years ago, even 40 to 50 years ago? You’re probably thinking I’m crazy to even ask that.

Gémma Leggett sells a lifestyle, not just a home

For a recent listing – a luxury property in Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario – broker Gémma Leggett hired actors, a videographer (with a drone) and even secured a luxury car for a cameo role.

Setting the listing price with your seller

When dealing with a seller, one of the most difficult conversations you are going to have will be setting the price of their home.

Build resilience into your business

When the gas tank in your car is full, no one thinks about going to fill up gas. Do you wait until you’re out of gas and on empty to go find a gas station?

The next 90 days will determine your success for 2020

As Canadian cities begin to strategically reopen after months in quarantine, I believe that now is the time to be communicating with your database in preparation for the resurgence of the real estate market.

7 lessons from a Disney vacation

Just before the pandemic hit, I went on holiday. And I couldn’t help myself. What was supposed to be a vacation turned into a Disney master class about marketing and service.

Win the listing with the right questions

The hardest part of your real estate business is getting the client. Although buyers are always great to have in the pipe, sellers give you the control over the deal and give you the opportunity to even double-end the deal.

What real estate will look like post-COVID-19: The old normal, now normal and new normal

Richard Robbins takes a look at how the COVID-19 crisis has changed real estate procedures and how to prepare now for the post-COVID-19 future.