Health is wealth: Staying healthy during the pandemic

In this episode, Toni and Jenny talk about how they are dealing with the stress of the real estate business, particularly now during the pandemic.

An Instagram Reels tutorial for real estate salespeople

Instagram came out with a new tool recently: reels. Watch this video to see how to use them to help grow your online audience.

Consider this before hiring help for your business

Before you take the leap of bringing someone on to help you live the life you envision for yourself, consider this. Watch the video.

Building and scaling a profitable real estate team

In this episode of In the House, we share how to make the best hires in real estate by designing an organizational chart to accomplish your goals.

How to win multiple offer situations

If you’re in a market that is experiencing multiple offer situations, here are five ideas to help give you a competitive advantage. 

How to relax your mind when things are not going well

Sometimes its hard to shut off our mind. These three steps are what I ask myself every time I get to this point. By answering them, it allows me to get a handle on everything going on.

10 things the real estate course doesn’t teach you

Congratulations, you’re now a licensed real estate agent! So what’s next? Vancouver Realtors Toni Sing and Jenny Wun share their top 10 things they wish they knew as soon as they passed the real estate exam.

What if we shut down again? Are you ready?

With such a hot market over these past few months, instead of sitting back and relaxing throughout the summer, most people have been really busy. That’s a good thing for sure.

A life lesson: When quitting is not an option

We didn’t accomplish success in our business by playing it safe. We had to take risks, hear “no” more than “yes” and stretch ourselves to make things work for us.

Make money from your power list: The inner circle, and the “personal call system”

The one place you can make more money from than any other part of your practice is your Power List. You will lose 10 per cent of that asset for every month you don’t follow up.