Why you need to believe it to achieve it

Mindset is everything but keeping it right can be hard. Fear and doubt are real. This is why we need a plan, and this is why we need to be focused on what we really want in life.

Getting in the door in with residential real estate prospects

Cold calling can be very effective when done right. Networking is a significant part of this process. Have a plan in place and make it happen sooner than later.

Top 5 tips to get you hired on a pre-sale project

We have more than 25 years of new home sales experience, and in this video we share some of hard-earned wisdom on what you need to be a successful agent selling in the pre-sale and new home environment.

How many hashtags should you use on Instagram?

Wondering how many hashtags to use on Instagram? I did my own research to figure out what hashtags for Realtors worked best and how many hashtags to use for real estate.

Getting in the door in commercial real estate

The sales cycle in commercial real estate is long. This means that relationship building is crucial in this industry. You need to build your prospect list and find avenues to stay in touch on an ongoing basis.

5 follow-up keys to close more business

Everyone is having this same challenge. Every day is crazy busy, we’re working hard to try and earn more business, yet we feel as if we don’t have enough time to get it all done. This leads to a lack of follow up.

Debunking the CBC Marketplace report on agents ‘breaking the law’

In this video, I take a hard look into CBC’s hidden camera investigative report about “law breaking” Canadian real estate agents.

Richard Robbins: A look at the Toronto market’s third quarter

Richard Robbins takes a deep dive into the Toronto real estate market’s third quarter and offers some suggestions that will help sales reps with their presentations.

Building systems for a scalable real estate business

Specializing in business planning, goal setting, sales training, lead generation and conversion, Janet Miller helps real estate agents and their teams leverage their strengths.

The long-term effect of today’s decisions

A lot of people these days are making a lot of decisions without researching their options and really sitting down to plan their business and think long-term. Mindset is everything when it comes to achieving.