Valuing carbon in the real estate market

In this video, I speak with CleanTech entrepreneur Tom Rand. Tom opens our one-on-one conversation with the statement “We are heading to a heat death of our civilization… it’s our end game… and there is no coming back from this mistake.”

Listing agents, this is your responsibility

I had a horrible experience this week, when I was sitting in the driveway of a home with my buyers but couldn’t get the listing agent to let us go in.

Mark Cohen and Howard Drukarsh: New marketing tools that are here to stay

In this video, I speak with Mark Cohen about how his team successfully used technology to adapt and market pre-construction projects during the pandemic.

How to be comfortable on camera for your real estate videos

You know I’m a huge advocate for video and putting yourself in front of the camera as much as possible. When I say this, does it make you immediately think you can’t do that? Do you think you’ll never get comfortable on camera?

The top 3 excuses for not converting leads

Have you ever hit a production wall? Or have you ever allowed yourself to become discouraged when you weren’t seeing lead conversion in your real estate business?

Why you should use a local Realtor

Jennifer and I had an amazing weekend up north, and while there we started thinking about what properties might be available in that area. It amplified my thoughts on why a local Realtor is so integral for everyone.

Get more views with real estate content marketing

Are you wondering what kind of real estate content marketing you should be using? Or do you wonder what real estate content marketing even is?

Dealing with bullies and big egos

You don’t need to put up with bullies or arrogant jerks who are being unprofessional and just to make themselves feel good. This short video might help you deal with belligerent people and make you smile too.

7 tips for selecting the right one for you

There’s no one size fits all when selecting a real estate brokerage so it’s important to ask the right questions before choosing one to join.

3 reasons to always be thinking long term

This whole business is about the long game. Yet when looking for the next deal, too often the focus is on the quick short-term fix.