5 follow-up keys to close more business

Everyone is having this same challenge. Every day is crazy busy, we’re working hard to try and earn more business, yet we feel as if we don’t have enough time to get it all done. This leads to a lack of follow up.

Debunking the CBC Marketplace report on agents ‘breaking the law’

In this video, I take a hard look into CBC’s hidden camera investigative report about “law breaking” Canadian real estate agents.

Richard Robbins: A look at the Toronto market’s third quarter

Richard Robbins takes a deep dive into the Toronto real estate market’s third quarter and offers some suggestions that will help sales reps with their presentations.

Building systems for a scalable real estate business

Specializing in business planning, goal setting, sales training, lead generation and conversion, Janet Miller helps real estate agents and their teams leverage their strengths.

The long-term effect of today’s decisions

A lot of people these days are making a lot of decisions without researching their options and really sitting down to plan their business and think long-term. Mindset is everything when it comes to achieving.

Top 5 action steps to hitting your 2021 goals

Is your performance in Q3 heading into the final quarter looking strong? Now is the time to review your 90-day plan to meet or outperform your 2021 goals.

What Realtors tell their clients (and what they actually mean)

This video breaks down some common topics in real estate that almost every agent thinks about at one point or another but might not share or want to admit to clients.

Time is money and everything needs support

We spend all sorts of time and money marketing our business to drive more business. That said, when we don’t have the right focus, the right strategy, the right plan, converting your efforts becomes next to impossible.

Real Estate with Howard Drukarsh featuring Maryjane Viejo

When Maryjane Viejo isn’t busy performing for Queen Elizabeth, she’s busy selling real estate. In this video I speak with Maryjane Viejo, Re/Max Hall of Fame and Chairman’s Club award-winning Realtor.

3 ways to find new business this week

There are always so many options available for where you can find new business. Here are three ideas for finding new business.