Your 2021 social media content strategy

Social media engagement has been trending for a long time and there is no end in sight in 2021. What kind of social media content builds the right type of mindshare? Watch and find out!

How to make YouTube shorts

Have you seen the newest addition to YouTube? YouTube shorts! YouTube shorts can be very beneficial to your real estate business.

5 steps to differentiate yourself

Check out these tips about defining your niche, gaining knowledge, building your brand packaging and how to connect with new clients.

A leader’s guide to help team members thrive remotely

When was the last time you examined your organization’s needs, including the most important asset, your employees and team members?

How real estate agents can get more followers on Instagram

I really hope by now you are using Instagram. I’ve been using it for quite a while now and getting Instagram followers in real estate can take some creative thinking.

How to support your marketing for ultimate return

To put a roof on a house, we need walls. To put walls up, we need a foundation. To start the foundation, we need footings. Everything needs support.

Stigmatized properties and the duty to disclose

When a property carries an unfavourable quality or is unattractive to the buyer or tenant for reasons completely unrelated to the physical condition or features in a home, then it’s referred to as a stigmatized property.

Great apps for real estate agents

Thanks to the apps I’ve used, I have been able to increase my production by 10 times if not more. Here are some of my favourites.

Video by Gémma Leggett reveals the glamorous life of a real estate agent

“Real estate is not always about being serious,” says Gémma Leggett, broker with Re/Max Hallmark York Group Realty in Toronto. “This video got over 7,000 views and clients love it,” she says. 

See it to believe it, and you will achieve it

Thinking about anything is the first step to making it a reality. The next step is to actually take it out of your mind and put it somewhere that you will see it consistently.