12 negotiation mistakes

Negotiation is a huge part of a Realtor’s job, but there are lots of pitfalls along the way when we’re trying to seal the deal.

Closing your presentation and getting the deal

A call-to-action is needed during the closing portion of your presentation. It is one thing to deliver an outstanding pitch or presentation, and it is yet another to finalize your words the right way. Follow these three suggestions and get that deal!

Unlock your superpower and watch your career take flight

A person’s superpower is their particular genius – a specific skill that is their secret sauce. You’ll often find that when applying it, they feel more fulfilled and purposeful.

My fear of video and how I overcame it

Have a fear of video and wondering how to overcome it? I was in that same situation – sweaty palms, feeling very self-conscious, nervous about going on camera.

The struggle is real. How not to fall

Are you feeling the struggle right now? If you are, know that you’re not alone. I’ve been talking to a lot of people who are going through the same challenge.

How much small talk with clients is too much?

Clients are not your friends. They may become friends later but while you are working for them, it should be all business. So how much small talk with clients is too much?

Designing sales commission packages for long-term retention

A well-planned sales commission structure will attract top sales associates to your team and retain them. There’s a science to pinning down a figure that is a fair commission rate.

Real estate as seen by youngsters in Royal LePage video

Royal LePage’s Quebec region has produced a video in which children within its network were interviewed about their perception of the real estate industry – and Santa Claus.

Getting in the door in with residential real estate prospects

Learn three simple techniques for getting in the door in residential real estate. Cold calling can be very effective when done right. Networking is a significant part of this process. Have a plan in place and make it happen sooner than later.

How to win clients without using scripts

Wondering how to win clients and do it without using scripts? What I share in this video has been generating quality real estate leads for me for years.