Time is money and everything needs support

We spend all sorts of time and money marketing our business to drive more business. That said, when we don’t have the right focus, the right strategy, the right plan, converting your efforts becomes next to impossible.

Real Estate with Howard Drukarsh featuring Maryjane Viejo

When Maryjane Viejo isn’t busy performing for Queen Elizabeth, she’s busy selling real estate. In this video I speak with Maryjane Viejo, Re/Max Hall of Fame and Chairman’s Club award-winning Realtor.

3 ways to find new business this week

There are always so many options available for where you can find new business. Here are three ideas for finding new business.

10 questions to ask before joining a real estate team

Being a real estate agent is often seen as a solitary profession but more and more we are seeing this business model change.

How to think on your toes in any situation

No matter where you are or who it is that is speaking to you, this is how you should handle yourself – and how you can help them get they came for. This is how you always come out on top.

Howard Drukarsh interviews Maya Vander from Selling Sunset

In this video, I am joined by Maya Vander from the popular Netflix show Selling Sunset to discuss the complexities of real estate, finding clients and her move from Los Angeles to Miami.

3 steps to winning your next listing presentation

In this short video I give you three steps that will help you improve and win with your next listing presentation.

Barry Lebow talks to Bob Aaron about wills and estates

In this video, I interview Bob about misconceptions involving wills, including what will happen if you die without a will (no, the government doesn’t take it all).

Top 3 tips to assemble the best hire for your team

You may prefer to work solo for your entire real estate career, while others want to build their business by adding talent. If you’re ready to manage a team, there are a few steps you need to take during the hiring process.

Sustainable design doesn’t have to cost more

This one-on-one interview took me to Hamilton and a conversation with Joanne McCallum, architect and CEO at mcCallumSather Architects. “Sustainable design has been considered as ‘additive’… that you have to add money to do it….and that is just not true,” she says.