San Francisco-based ReferralExchange, a source of referrals and lead-gen management to more than 25,000 real estate agents in the United States, has expanded to Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto.

Scott Olsen, CEO of RefferalExchange, says he’s ecstatic the company is entering the Canadian market. “By combining our matching algorithms with a seasoned and licensed outreach team, we have connected agents and clients around the United States. We’ve been asked by many agents to bring our service to Canada. We know it will be a real benefit to consumers searching for a trusted agent.”

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Lisa Fettner, VP of marketing, explained why Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver were the cities selected. “We wanted to start in heavily populated areas where we had access to a wide variety of top-performing agents to connect to who met our qualifications.  All of these markets have seen record prices and sales in recent years. We’ll continue to expand as the need – and availability of agents and clients – arises.”

ReferralExchange says it matches over 200,000 leads a year and completes over three million calls. By devoting time and care to each individual inquiry, it says it presents agents with verified prospects. Founded in 2005, ReferralExchange has built an invite-only network of over 25,000 Realtors.

What makes ReferralExchange stand out from the other companies online that offer similar services? Fettner says, “Referral Exchange is truly dedicated to creating great real estate experiences between real estate professionals and customers. No other service offers a complete lead-to-close service, powered by data science and white glove customer service.  We only match clients with the two to five best agents who fit their specific needs, based on a variety of factors including price fit, location, special needs.  For example, we want to match a first-time buyer with agents who specialize in first-time buyers in the area the client is interested in.”

If the lead results in a sale, ReferralExchange gets a 25-per-cent referral fee upon closing.

The company is also about to launch a new service. “We will soon be presenting our agent-to-agent and lead-management services. This is an especially important resource given the new dual-agency laws in British Columbia,” says Fettner. “Agents will be able to refer clients to another agent who fits the client’s specific needs to handle the other side of the transaction – or for any other situation where they can’t service the client – for example, if they’re moving to a new city or province. ReferralExchange can contact and live-transfer third-party leads back to agents.”

The company’s first referred sale took place in Mississauga, Ont.

Every agent at the network has been selected for their skill level and experience, the company says. Consumers look for a referral at

“We encourage clients to interview several agents and we provide them with great options to choose from. Buying or selling a home is a huge transaction and it’s important to find the right agent.  People sometimes submit requests to multiple sites so it’s important to reach them quickly.

“For the agent, we verify the consumer’s information is correct and then contact them to get more information about their specific needs prior to matching them to agents.”

Agents looking to be part of ReferralExchange’s Canadian network should email to apply.


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