Before we begin our final instalment of the For Sale by Owner System, let’s do a brief recap of what we’ve already covered.

You have yourself set up to receive all FSBOs that are hitting the social media platform. You’re keeping an eye out for FSBO signs, you’re taking a quick picture of the phone number with your phone. You’re setting aside a time each week to call the numbers you capture. You’re calling and asking for a walk-through. Now, once you get a walk-through, the system ramps up as you go in hard for the listing.

How exactly do you do that? We’ll answer that with a couple of simple questions. In the house, apartment or condo you live in, how many pieces of mail have you received from a real estate agent? Have any agents contacted you on a consistent basis? Odds are overwhelming that the answer to those questions is no and that’s where the final part of the FSBO System gives you a unique advantage. As with most things in life, consistency is key.

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Now you send the walk-through a letter. In it you’ll thank them for the opportunity, wish them well and remind them you’re there if they should change their mind and list with someone. That’s step one.

What follows is seven weekly postcards specifically targeted to that FSBO. We use seven because that’s generally the number of impressions needed for the person to recognize the message and brand in a marketing piece.

That impression recognition is essential because of top-of-mind awareness (TOMA) it generates with the FSBO. When they decide to get an agent, guess who’ll be the first one to come to mind? That’s right, the agent who has been keeping in touch with them consistently. Now, this consistency not only leads to name awareness but also establishes and begins to build a relationship with the FSBO. By the time they receive their fifth piece of mail from you, a level of trust and connection has been established.

Thanks to the web, you can add another weapon to your FSBO arsenal with Facebook ads. These ads will mimic the postcards but show up in your FSBO’s newsfeed. We can assure that by micro-targeting the ads and appealing to interests they have listed in their profile. Facebook allows for marketing unlike anything offered before and the great news is, it doesn’t cost a lot. I have my own in-house marketing department that takes care of the ads and ad placements. I’m too busy selling houses to be become a marketing expert. I believe in surrounding myself with people who have different skill sets than myself. Along with Facebook, my team targets Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms people frequent.

You probably have a few questions now:  What’s on the postcards and Facebook ads? What do they look like? What’s the message? The answer to that depends on you and your audience. The pieces should, of course, be positive. They should include your photo and contact information. Most importantly, they should address something the FSBO can identify with. They should also be helpful to the FSBO. Sometimes I use something as simple as staging techniques that help homes sell.

What I never do is use the doom and gloom, call me soon marketing approach. That’s where an agent will attempt to scare the person into listing with them by citing all the facts and figures about how poorly FSBOs do. You’re not scaring them; you’re helping them because you want to gain their trust. No one is going to hand over the most expensive thing they own to someone they don’t trust, simple as that. So, gain their trust and, in no time, you’ll be gaining their commissions.

My marketing department generally has half a dozen templates or so done up that I’ll choose from based on my conversation with the FSBO during the walk-through. If they own a dog, maybe I’ll use dogs…you see how it works. If you need any extra help or direction, get in touch with me. If you give it a try, I am positive you’ll see how fast you can turn FSBOs into raving fans.


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