The Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB) recently established a Diversity and Inclusion Task Force.

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Its mandate: “To examine how to strengthen equality and inclusion and recommend to the Board of Directors ways to better serve and represent the various demographics that make up TRREB. The task force will put forward recommendations and action plans to foster and support a more collaborative, equal and inclusive industry and work environment.”

The members of the new task force are Kate Young, Task Force chair and member, TRREB Board of Directors;  Jennifer Pearce, Task Force vice-chair and member, TRREB Board of Directors; Justin Bock; Colin Andrew Campbell; Kevin Crigger, TRREB president-elect; Soroya Dempsey; Karlo Francisco; Wasim Jarrah, member, TRREB Board of Directors; Mona Mavi, president, Brampton Real Estate Board; Lisa Patel, TRREB president; Geeta Rajpal;  Ingrid Rojas; Daljit Singh; Asha Singh; Mark Steele; Mia That; Leilani Villar-Cisneros; Charlene Williams; and TREEB staff members Ticha Musiyiwa, executive assistant to the CEO, and Von Palmer, chief communications and government affairs officer.

In a statement, the board says, “We care about diversity and inclusion. Over the years we have reflected this at TRREB, including at the leadership and senior management levels. TRREB is determined to continue to improve on this, where we can influence in our industry. Racism against any group is unacceptable.”


  1. TREB is as diverse and inclusive as it gets. I wonder how much this virtue signaling and wokeism cost me. That is getting so ridiculous and out of control. That is all just to create divisiveness. I do not see any other purpose. Thank you TREB!


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