An agreement between the Toronto and Oakville real estate boards to share listings for properties in Halton Hills, Milton and Oakville will end June 30.

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In a letter to members, Toronto Regional Real Estate Board president Lisa Patel says, “TRREB supports members having full access to listing data and continues to work toward increased access to facilitate a single MLS system marketplace. We have been presenting these concepts to boards, associations, brokerages and members for many years and continue to do so. We believe such efforts will benefit the industry and create efficiencies and transparency for all members and consumers.”

Patel says TRREB made a proposal to the Oakville, Milton and District Real Estate Board to establish a formal partnership but had not heard back.

The letter says TRREB is working with Information Technology Systems Ontario (ITSO), which includes about 15,000 members from 21 Ontario boards, “to explore ways we can provide our members with access to the data they need to conduct their business.”

In April, ITSO president Michelle Wobst and Donna Bacher, president of the Realtors Association of Hamilton-Burlington (which is not a member of ITSO but has a data-sharing agreement with it), issued an open letter stating, “We want to be able to provide Realtors with access to all the MLS listing content they need regardless of whether they join an ITSO member association, RAHB or TRREB. Our hope is that TRREB feels the same way because we know TRREB also has responded to the demand for regionalization and consolidation of information sources.”

In an interview with REM in April, Wobst said, “Most Realtors in Ontario would prefer just one MLS system with all the data and not have to worry about paying to subscribe to another board – they would prefer one fee on one system with all the data.

“At this point we would love to at least do a data share with (TRREB),” she says. “If we had a data share with them it would alleviate a lot of Realtor expenses. Right now the real estate associations are making money off of the extra subscriber fees and the inter-board listings but the Realtors are still paying to do all of that.”

TRREB has plans to launch a new “multi-list” technology platform for its more than 60,000 TRREB and partner-board members.

“We want to be a purveyor of choice – something that will create that opportunity for innovation and for people to choose how they want to use the system and customize it for a brokerage or a member or an association. It’s not necessarily one size fits all,” DiMichele told REM.

In a letter to TRREB’s Board of Directors shared with REM, Robert Ede, a sales representative with Re/Max Hallmark Realty in Toronto, says, “Every president/COO/finance committee of these small pond boards/associations is (interested in protecting) their budgets far more than their members or geographic jurisdictions…We got rid of the tariff and dismantled the Three Pillars. Isn’t it time we had proper mobile search and one MLS!”


  1. Another bully tactic of TRREB.. it’s their way or else. Very surprised that REM would publish this article that is so one sided, very poor on several levels.

    The quote by Robert Ede is insulting to people out of Toronto with his slam comments “of these small pond boards/associations is (interested in protecting) their budgets far more than their members or geographic jurisdictions…” that comment shows an extreme lack of respect for people outside of Toronto and other areas in the province (and yet per his web site he on occasion adventures to do business in Oakville).
    I have seen a lot more respect and concern for board members and their communities from various boards outside of Toronto than I have ever seen by TRREB.

  2. I’ve always seen TRREB as the bully in these situations. OREA really needs to reinvent themselves and do what needs to be done to get the job done and eliminate TRREB. OREA has really dropped the ball.

    • OREA needs to be eliminated. Since losing education rights, it’s become nothing but a tool for politics both literally and figuratively for OREA’s board and management. they have been part of the problem, not part of the solution ergo – that massive surplus of education funds it had was not allocable to student courses, itwas just a money grab.

      OREA has no authority to eliminate any board.

  3. Hey REM did you even bother contacting OMDREB for this article? There has been open discussion and understandings for months with TRREB, and it was TRREB that cancelled the data swap AGAIN. You want to be a decent media outlet? Report both sides of the story and contact Lynn Hoffman for her official reply. It tells the rest of the story.

  4. Shame on TREB as a member it’s so embarrassing. This article is so offside. TREB has cancelled the Data Swap. Who will this effect? Thousands of Halton’s consumers will loose out on thousands of dollars as there house will only be listed on TREB. So as a Realtor we have to be a TREB member and send two lists of homes one from ITSO and one from TREB. Consumers do not understand why this is happening. The only reason I can give is the TREB boards egos takes priority over the members and the public. Shameful.


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