Toronto board defines EO qualifications


The Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) has set out the qualifications for its new Executive Officer, and is now running national ads to try to fill the position.  TREB has been without an EO since abruptly parting ways with Steve Van Houten in May. 
“The most important skills we need in that position are those of a good administrator who understands non-profit organizations,” says TREB president Marilyn Baubie, who together with president-elect David Pearce is now overseeing TREB operations.   “And while it’s also important to have someone in that position who understands Realtors, we are certainly not limiting our search to people from within our industry.”
The board was also preparing for a Special General Meeting at the end of June with its members, which was to deal with concerns arising out of an auditor’s report detailing significant over expenditures by TREB’s immediate past president, Bill Palander.  Results from the board’s consultation with the OPP about those over expenditures will be given to members at that time. “Members will have questions about that, but we will also be discussing other issues that are important, such as our partnership with Vancouver in the MLS technology project,” says Baubie.  


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