Top 5 action steps to hitting your 2021 goals


Is your performance in Q3 heading into the final quarter looking strong? Now is the time to review your 90-day plan to meet or outperform your 2021 goals.

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Here are five simple strategies plus a bonus tip to keep you aligned with your vision. The first steps are all about setting your priorities, creating a schedule by eliminating tasks that are unproductive and applying the SMART criteria. You can’t control the results, but you can control your focus, habits and efforts. To take yourself to the finish line, set your intentions and celebrate the small triumphs along the way because they deserve to be acknowledged. This will take you to the finish line before you know it!


  1. Hi Toni and Jenny,

    Love the latest video session on setting goals. I am just starting out in real estate and I appreciate the content you both provide for the newbies. Keep up the great work.

    BTW: if Jenny organizes a party on her yacht invite me. Maybe that can be a future podcast. :)

    Johnny B
    Ottawa, ON


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