When you walk into a store, are you dealing with a sales rep who wants to make a quick sale, or someone who really cares about helping you make the right decision?

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Coming off too aggressively is the last thing we want to be when picking up the phone. So we avoid making those dreaded cold calls. There are many tips for becoming great at cold calling, but these are the top three to remember:

1. Have a good script: Experienced professionals know what questions to ask, how to introduce themselves and the way to keep their dialogue simple. Over the phone, they only have a few minutes, if not seconds, to maintain interest. Having a script as a starter helps maintain your focus and makes sure you ask good questions. Eventually you will naturally veer away from a standard script and formulate new conversations.

2. Your tone of voice and cues: Emotion is very hard to ignore over the phone. It is one of the best cues to assess if you are proceeding in the right direction with your clients and prospects. Everything from feeling pressured or rushed to having a good or bad day can be read like a book. Pay attention and adjust your discussion accordingly, even if this means reconnecting with certain people at a later date. When the vibe feels right, conversations will unfold effortlessly.

3. End the call with a next step: What is your purpose for reaching out to Sam or Jane? Always have the next step in mind. Is it to send an email attachment of your services? Is it to schedule a follow-up call or meeting? Is it to handle specific questions? Or is it to close the listing appointment right then and there?

Calling to speak for the sake of speaking because the conversation feels natural is not enough. While rapport is important, your focus should always be on point. Are they willing to play ball or not?

There are numerous other tips for preparing for an important sales call. Smile. Stand up. Have bullet points ready to go on paper. Include a few added questions to have by your side.

However, it is the passion and enthusiasm for what you do that is truly the driver behind making a successful call and to keep going when rejection hits close to home. It is those who preserver that make it to the finish line. What will you do to get there?


  1. Thank you for sharing these tips for cold calling, this is very helpful! Happy to see that certain articles such as this still exist that believe in how cold calling helps in a business. Hoping that corporations will always give it a shot because it helps a lot. To do it for you, you need to find cold calling professionals. To do it for you, you just need to find cold calling specialists .

  2. I remember the old cold-calling evenings we used to have in the late ’80’s.
    Everyone would return to the office after dinner in casual clothes, someone would make coffee, the boss would bring donuts and we’d each pick a letter in the phone book we’d want to call and return to our phones.
    The office would hum for a couple of hours, and the positive energy would be electric!
    At the end we’d compare our experiences and how many appts. we’d made…..no names were mentioned, no addresses shared.
    One positive aspect was the feedback you could give your co-workers if a member of the public mentioned that co-worker was their realtor – sometimes those comments were a real boost if someone was in a low cycle.
    Many sales were made each year from just a few of these evenings. A real team-building experience and moral booster, got rid of the “pit in the stomach” one can get when they think of cold-calling.


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