If someone is happy in their business or life, would that person take the time out of their busy schedule to bash someone else and send nasty messages on their social media pages or website? Or would that same person be far too focused on striving towards their own goals?

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Haters are on the rise, and their impact can be devastating. The goal behind online hate is to hide while attacking the credibility of others. One can view it as narcissistic behaviour or jealousy or childishness. Regardless of the terminology, if you are a target of online hate, knowing what to do is important for maintaining grace in such situations.

Here are some tips for handling online hate and trolling.

1. Use the information you hear as a cue for possible improvement.

Hearing harsh or critical feedback can leave you feeling deflated or attacked, especially when your business is growing and you are starting to get recognized. Well, that is the exact aim of the troller – to throw you off track. Remember this and take their exaggerated comments as fuel for future improvement. Now you can address new areas in your upcoming blog, podcast or TV appearance. Turn a negative situation into a positive, and keep it moving.

2. Take some time away from social media to reflect.

If your business depends on it, hire a social media manager to handle your online marketing. Take time away from a negative situation. What you focus on, you feed. Feed your mind with positive things and recall why you are doing what you do in the first place. What message do you want to send to followers, prospects and clients who clearly value what you have to offer? What inspires your group of followers to stick by you in the first place? Remember your passion.

3. Say thank you.

In some cases, it makes sense to say nothing and not feed into the negativity. In other cases, a simple acknowledgement such as “thank you for your comments” will calm things down. Responding with anger is what the troller wants. Do not get combative. Instead, stay cool and level-headed.

Every growing online business will likely hear unpleasant comments on social media. Take it as a cue that you are starting to get recognized. Feel good about your accomplishments and always keep it moving. Expect that as you accomplish more and gain followers, so too will a percentage of haters leave their trail. Understand this early in the game, use the information you learn and know what parts to leave behind. But whatever you do, do not quit.


  1. If you have the option to block them like on Facebook, do it. It’s easier to block them from your business page and personal page so you never have to deal with them again.


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