What inspires you when you wake up each day? What do you look forward to most?

Thinking outside of our routines, even our new routines these days, feels uncomfortable. However, it is necessary to develop a vision for your future – the creative side of life.

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Here are some tips for sales professionals for sparking their creative side and stepping outside the norm.

1. Change your day.

If you make your prospecting / cold calls in the afternoon, try the morning. Tour your clients’ homes at different times and set follow-up calls for different times as well. By changing the time you do things in your day, you are challenging your brain to come up with new goals, visions and ideas. Sound crazy? Try it for a week or whenever you feel stuck in a rut. Watch new creative ideas come to you.

2. Journal.

The best way to create is to journal. Visualize what you want. See success. Take notes. Meditate. Sound like hocus-pocus? Many successful salespeople take the time to sit in a quiet place for 20-30 minutes each day to pause, reflect, regroup and brainstorm new ideas. Setting financial goals is also motivating for salespeople. Networking and seeing deals close through different strategies is powerful in real estate.

3. Hold yourself accountable.

Once new ideas are generated it is crucial to have someone (be it a friend or coach) to hold you accountable for your new action steps in the future. Taking responsibility in this way will open many doors. There is something to be said about verbalizing your goals and dreams.


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