This is the easiest way to lose your credibility


We talk a lot about the professionalism in the industry and about how we can make it better. We also often wonder whether or not that social media post is real or not…is that really them, do they actually own that, is that really who they are?

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Well, the two go hand-in-hand in this case. Professionalism and credibility can both be torn down through your marketing and your actions. Watch!


  1. KATHLEEN , you speak of Legitimacy and credibility in our business . Does this also apply to our Associations ? It seems in PKAR , everything involving PSC is secretive and behind closed doors . Decisions are made by PSC against members then are announced as Gospel . A cloud of secrecy is then enabled . To obtain minutes of PSC meetings or decisions seems impossible to obtain . To find such information in the 2021 year just past seems impossible , even to find names of members who are part of the committee , seem to be a secret . When attempting to find out who , when ,where or how decisions were made regarding offenses laid is impossible . Secrecy and back room type decisions made by PKAR PSC seems to now be the norm . This example is not supportive of Legitimacy and Credibility in PKAR .

  2. Dude in a car making a video focused on “professionalism” while wearing sunglasses and swearing? What a joke.

    • Nawt, to know David he is a no bs guy whom I have a great respect for. He and his father are cutting edge marketing gurus whom I got to know many years ago. Language and location aside, take heed of his videos in a non judgemental way and you will reap the benefits in your business.

      • The perception of Realtors from the public is not a good one. Seeing videos such as David’s don’t help. “Cutting edge marketing” doesn’t equate to click-bait titles on videos and spamming inboxes. It’s obvious David and many other Realtors are looking out primarily for themselves. Just because you can market doesn’t mean you’re good for the industry.

        • I couldn’t agree more. The sunglasses and in car video is nothing but show off. I don’t trust people who won’t let me look them into the eyes. This is the “poster video” for being unprofessional.

  3. This is a vital message. Credibility and legitimacy matter. Integrity is when what you think, say, and do align. That includes online versus real life. If you are building your business, be humble and build. Why claim to be award winning when struggling, in debt, not paying the CRA, and nothing to shoe for your name? Selling should be helping, not tricking people about who you are for immediate gain. If you are building fake persons to trick people into trusting you, there is nothing professional or safe about it. Well said David. We need more of this message. In the coaching industry this is rampant. People writing books, promoting coaching on things they have no idea how to do, straight up are not personally doing, and have never achieved themselves. Since when did pretend amount to anything but noise. Legitimacy, credibility, and keeping your word is everything in this business, and in life.


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