As a result of bidding wars for condominiums, buyers are being asked to review a condominium status certificate in advance in order to submit an offer without conditions. Here are some items I look at and questions I ask when reviewing a status certificate in advance to give the buyers comfort before making their purchase decision.

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  1. Great information, thank you. Could you please add me to your mail list. It’s great you have offices all over Ontario, as I help buyers and sellers in the Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Bradford, Innisfil, Barrie, Springwater, areas.

  2. While this is Ontario centric, in BC at least there are legal documents which spell out the owners “share of responsibility”, most often based on aggregate square footage. So dividing the number of units is misleading unless all units are the same size. I always present this ‘Unit Entitlement’ to my buyers prior to even making an offer and reading documents.


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