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1. How many transactions did the average Realtor do in Toronto in 2017? by David Fleming – Jan. 29, 2018

“I don’t know what conclusions you can draw from the data, but I do know that the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) doesn’t make this available.

So I will. What the hell…”

2. The 200 largest real estate brokers in Canada – May 31, 2011

“Real Trends has published its second annual list of the 200 Largest Brokers in Canada, and there’s a new No. 1.”

3. Sold data coming to – Oct. 3, 2018

“CREA’s Board of Directors has voted to add sold and historical data to the property listings on without the need for a login.”

4. Here’s what the future Realtor won’t be by Chris Seepe – Nov. 16, 2018

“Several Canadian real estate industry pundits recently said that we won’t recognize the Realtor five years from now. None of them said why. Here’s why.”

5. Re/Max of Western Canada recognizes top achievers – April 20, 2015

“Re/Max of Western Canada regional executive VP Elton Ash announced Western Canada’s list of top affiliates, who were recognized at the inaugural Western Canada Awards Gala in Las Vegas.”

6. Cannabis legislation and renters by Chris Seepe – Sept. 5, 2018

“Cannabis, also known as marijuana, will be legalized in Canada on Oct. 17. This means that it is no longer a crime to possess small amounts of cannabis. However, that doesn’t mean you can use it anywhere you wish. For example, some provinces won’t permit cannabis to be consumed in public places.”

7. OREA loses real estate licensing education – Jan 30, 2017

“The Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) has lost a bid to continue providing Ontario real estate licensing education after 2020, sources tell REM.”

8. Murder, suicide, ghosts…What must be disclosed? by Mark Weisleder – Mar. 5, 2018

“A key issue to me is, will the sellers have to disclose this gruesome discovery should they decide to sell their home in the future? Here are five lessons to remember when it comes to property stigmas.”

9. Sex at the open house by Bob Aaron – Nov. 21, 2018

“What happens if a sales rep finds out that some visitors were having sex during an open house? Or worse, what happens if the sales rep is personally involved in some hanky panky during an open house?”

10. Phil Soper: In 5 years, you won’t recognize this industry – July 16, 2018

“Through our remarkable, nationwide listing management system, anchored by, homebuyers and sellers are able to see virtually all listings in the country. And this may come as a surprise to many – Canadians pay much less for brokerage services than American consumers.”


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