The question is not whether or not you can double your business and achieve things beyond your wildest dreams, because you can. The question is will you choose to do things differently?

Here’s a short clip that reveals the simplest secret to producing better results that is within everyone’s reach.

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Richard Robbins is co-founder and CEO of Richard Robbins International, a global sales and business coaching organization that amassed over $50 million dollars in revenue worldwide in its first 10 years alone. The organization’s explosive 3,000 per cent growth is attributed largely to the transformational impact Richard Robbins’ unique methodologies have had, and continue to have, on the businesses and lives of thousands of sales professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders at all levels worldwide.


  1. Usually sequels involve the same producer, if not the same actors. This presentation is, almost, the sequel to Bruce Keith’s: Number 1 Sales insight, video — albeit the subject presenter, as always, leaves himself less exposed, perhaps. With the following claim Richard Robbin’s attempts the impossible, simply by ignoring the basic law of “supply and demand”: “it is possible for all of us to succeed beyond our wildest dreams”! His statement could be true, if he wasn’t just referring to Real Estate sales. Given Richard Robbins’ relationship to organized real estate, it is a also a fundamental “conflict of interests” for Richard to make his claim, and furthermore, his claim doesn’t even enjoy the status of a myth.

    Much has changed in organized real estate over the last decade or so. The naive or “failures in waiting” as one esteemed REM submitter identifies new entrants to the “prospecting game” (of which the sale of real estate is almost incidental) deserve to have their eyes open, but not to be blinded by fictional flood-lights. The old ways of prospecting (for some time now) have been under pressure from the various “discount brokerage” business models. These brokerages seek to eliminate prospecting and the time it can consume, in favour of drawing new business in through offering lower rates of commission and hopefully do a higher volume of business that will more than offset lower commission levels. These same business models also apply pressure to the current relevance of “prospecting coaches” who can and are often referred to euphemistically as: real estate coaches.

    Richard Robbins correctly tells his audience that the main part of the, conventional brokerage, real estate career (job) is searching for your next viable lead, or simply put: you’re always looking for someone to hire you (daily) in a career that doesn’t include any benefits or sick days!
    The aforesaid should explain why Richard Robbins wants his clients to think that: “it is possible for all of us to succeed beyond our wildest dreams”!

    For those Registrants who may be thinking a “discount brokerage” may be the answer to their real estate career ambitions, they need to decide which business model makes the most sense — as a competition that mostly comes down to cutting, eventually only leaves the bone!


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