Over the last 10 years, I’ve been lucky enough to travel all over North America helping well over 15,000 real estate professionals grow their businesses. I’ve learned something from each one of them. I’ve had countless conversations about strategies they’ve implemented – some of which have been incredibly successful and others that have been great learning opportunities.

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But if those 10 years have taught me one thing, it’s that all of the top agents with successful lifelong careers, who don’t feel like they’re constantly chasing the next listing, have one strategy in common. (Don’t get me wrong – they all do a lot of different successful things in their businesses, but there seems to be one thing that consistently gets more business for all of them.)

What is it?

“Focus on where the money is!”

I know, this may seem pretty simple but stick with me, because it’s constantly overlooked in favor of things like cold leads from Facebook, cold-calling, door-knocking, expireds and FSBOs. Plus, a lot of the agents who are focusing on the right thing are using methods that generally don’t work.

It’s pretty straightforward but it’s so overlooked that we’ve come to call it the “invisible asset”. That is the top 20 per cent of your contacts and your power list. These are the people who are already in your sphere and are most likely to do business with you.

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