This is the reason I love my job – to see a house raise up a new family.

The young, just-married couple were so excited to meet the seller of their new home during the final walk-through – the night before the keys are handed over to the buyers.

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The tall elderly man stood proud as he shook the newlyweds’ hands. The house was his pride and joy, built by him some 50 years ago. He and his wife watched their kids grow there and spent many holidays with their grandkids and great grandchildren enjoying the fresh fruit from the trees out back. Since his wife was now living in a nursing home, he decided to live closer to her to help with her care (think The Notebook movie).

He showed us photos of his wife with such love in his eyes. Anxious to teach the young couple all the special features of the home, they moved on to the basement. I stayed upstairs with the seller’s daughter and she just stood there looking at me with tears in her eyes, listening to her dad give instructions to the buyers like a nurse showing new parents how to hold a baby.

It was a huge undertaking for her to get the house ready for sale. The process of sifting through every item, decluttering and letting go of the contents….and the memories.

Sometimes a home takes on a human-like presence, as it stands guard over the decades, watching the children grow, move out and bring back children of their own. Tonight, it felt like the rooms were waking up from black and white to full colour as the newlywed couple walked through the halls, planning their future there and the house rose up to welcome and protect its new family.

What an honour to be part of this new chapter in other peoples lives. I am grateful I can do this as a career.

Beth Rezoski
Beth Rezoski is a Realtor with Royal LePage Binder Real Estate in Windsor, Ont. and has been in the business for 16 years. She was born and raised in Windsor, youngest of 10 brothers and sisters who, with extended family and their friends “keep me busy in the market, but never too busy for referrals from out of town Realtors.” She says, “Windsor has become the hot spot to live during the pandemic. Our homes have become our safe havens and with more people working remotely, Windsor is way below the average home price across the nation. Phone 519-257-3260 or visit her website.


  1. Greetings Beth, You really exemplify the Royal LePage philosophy “Helping You Is What We Do”. Season’s Greetings and wishing you continued success in 2021

  2. When we sold our house, I was sad but then this beautiful family moved in and filled all four bedrooms amd poured their love into it.
    Then that made me happy

  3. I knew early on that you were going to be a fantastic realtor. You are such a fun and caring beautiful lady Beth.💕


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