As Canadian cities begin to strategically reopen after months in quarantine, I believe that now is the time to be communicating with your database in preparation for the resurgence of the real estate market. I believe that the effort you put forth in the next 90 days will determine your success for the rest of 2020. In this video I recommend you focus on two things to help you open up new conversations about real estate.

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  1. Wait this just in, Breaking News! “Water is Wet”

    If you are waiting for next 90 days, you are doomed.

    Last three months were critical. Reaching out to your database, relationship management, building new relationships during hard times, still prospecting not by asking “do you want to sell your home?” Or “do you know anyone thinking of selling” rather in the form is email new letters, educating and keeping people informed of changes in real estate, success stories even during hard times, showing support for local businesses. So many ways to sell your self and stand out.

    If you did all that, you are already receiving phone calls now. Not 90 days from now. That’s too late.

  2. Richard is right … the next 90 days will tell the tale.

    NOTE TO REAL ESTATE agents and brokerage companies, real estate corps that are part of the new world / old world rejuvenation is corporate advertising, and it’s time to bring your “ads to REM.”
    We all need to do our part to keep REM alive.

    If retailers in your trading area sell things that buyers and sellers could use, tell your local Uncle Harry’s hardware store to put an ad in REM to help buyers and sellers with retail recovery. They need to know who sells what and where. The real estate world is the backbone of retail.

    Every time a buyer or seller changes their address, multiple purchases are made. Everything from lawn care to bath mats and towels.

    By helping your local retailers get customers you might find a few new buyers and sellers yourself. The shop owners have relatives. They might even buy or sell real estate through you to say thank you for letting them know that they can advertise in REM.

    If Aunt Mary has a decorating business, tell her that many real estate buyers and sellers read REM. And her ad in REM could help her business to recover. ANYWHERE across the whole of Canada. People are still relocating from one city to another and they often don’t know where dentists, doctors and chiropractors are; even deli’s and grocery stores. These retailers and support businesses need to be advertising in REM.

    The corner store that sells drapes, curtains and maybe even paint and hardwood flooring and carpet could benefit from letting REALTORS “across Canada” know where they are, where physically located. A small ad in REM could provide that information. I’ve always wondered why retail businesses don’t put ads in REM.

    Of course it goes without saying: moving companies, van lines international and local are really missing the mark by not advertising at REM. And even housekeeping services. Soon the real estate market will look alive again; all these services and retailers are missing the boat by not being visible on REM. Yes, lawyers write articles at REM but why don’t they have a permanent small ad running? Buyers and sellers for sure need legal services. Can’t close a transaction without you. And heaven forbid you need a litigator, or even an expert witness.

    REM is a cross-Canada vehicle that can benefit retailers of all sorts. Tell your local automobile dealership to advertise in REM. Agents love new cars. And so do their buyers and sellers even during recovery. Now that it appears a turnaround is in the near future… Everybody can help everybody and we’ll all survive.

    Let’s sell Canada retail and support services. Buy from Canadian retailers and hire support services from REM ads. But folks need to know where these businesses are located. A small REM ad could make all the difference to keeping their recovery viable. Just something to think about.

    Got a bed and breakfast anyplace in Canada? People will begin to travel. Run an ad in REM.

    The idea is to have agents and brokerages help their own local retailers and service providers by offering them the idea of advertising at REM that clearly hasn’t been thought about to make a path that buyers and sellers can find useful. I always was surprised retailers and industry related services didn’t advertise in REM.

    When you see your local businesses and support systems advertising at REM, cross-reference the REM ad on all your social media or in your own newsletter as a replica.

    Back to the old saying: help each other help each other… survive the recovery.

    Carolyne L ?


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