Many proponents of cold calling swear by the time of day calls should be made for ultimate results. First thing in the morning such as 8 a.m. and towards the end of the business day, such as 5 p.m. It is often thought that decision makers are more likely to pick up calls during those two times. While this may be true, is it always the case? And what about voice messages – how does that work?

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Here are three strategies for making awesome cold calls:

1. Using a consistent system that works for you, contrary to “popular belief.”

Whether you dial first thing in the morning or late in the day, it takes a certain number of calls that will yield results. Whether that number is 30 per day or 100 per week, it is more important to have a schedule in place that works just for selling versus making the odd call here or there. So if the morning works for you, go for it. If it’s mid-day, do that. The key is consistency each day or week.  Track your numbers.

2. Following up at the right time after the first calls are made:

Every industry is different. Thus, every sales cycle is different. Sometimes it takes leaving two or three voice messages before getting in the door. Other times it takes none. Understand who you are trying to reach. Know your audience. Know when to keep going and when to move on. This number will be different for each industry. There is no magic number.

3. Noticing what works for you:

Trust your gut. Always take notes while speaking to others. Learn from each call. The information you hear will help you with future calls and how many to make before calling it quits. In the beginning stages of making calls, it’s best to push harder than not. Most people will thank you for your persistence. Over time you will learn what’s what.

So is there a best time of day to make calls? It depends on who you are trying to reach. In some industries it makes absolutely no difference what time of day you do so. In others it may. Instead of worrying about when to make the call, pick up the phone and make the call. It’s in the action where things manifest.


  1. Any and all fast-talking cold-callers get the mighty quick hang-up from me, sometimes with a few, well-selected acronyms—interjected beforehand—for a rather rude word, like “piss off’, “take off”, “flock off”, “make like a hockey player and get the puck outta here” etc. However, if someone quickly—and politely—identifies one’s self and asks if it is convenient, or inconvenient, to talk right then, I might give the caller a few seconds to interest me with the spiel. Then I tell said caller I’m on hold with a cold-call from Nigeria, I’m not interested, and hang up. But I must confess, if the caller sounds like a pleasant, cute, innocent—but nevertheless sexy—young thing just home from church, I might say “Sorry, but I’m not interested my dear, but, what is your name and number?”, and then we race to see who hangs up first. I don’t always win.

  2. start with quick warm calls to people you know. maybe half an hour. Then expand from there. It gets considerably easier. Most important if you are new to jost doit.


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