Terry Kilakos and Merav Marciano
Terry Kilakos and Merav Marciano

Terry Kilakos and Merav Marciano, founders of North East Real Estate & Mortgage Agency and hosts of CJAD’s The Real Estate Show in Montreal have acquired Coldwell Banker Commercial Alliance, the only Coldwell Banker franchise in Quebec.

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The new owners say they are bringing to the table years of real estate and media relations experience and billions of dollars of real estate and mortgage transactions. In a news release, they say with access to a multitude of lenders as well as its private lending division, North East will now be able to provide financing for Coldwell Banker Commercial Alliance’s commercial transactions.

“This acquisition comes at a time where the commercial real estate market will be looking at substantial business transformation and growth post-pandemic and where creativity and innovation will be key to thrive in the commercial industry,” says the company in a news release.

Kilakos says the company intends on expanding the service offering to North East’s large client base by providing commercial real estate services backed by the Coldwell Banker name. The agency offers residential real estate services, as well as financial and notarial services.

Kilakos says he plans to keep North East and CBC Alliance as independent agencies but will promote collaboration and create a synergistic relationship between them. “As a serial entrepreneur, I always seek to evolve my businesses and offer a wider range of services that are in demand by our client base,” he says.

“We are thrilled to be working with a group of accomplished commercial brokers who have made a name for themselves in the industry,” says Marciano.

Both CBC Alliance and North East are located in Ville St-Laurent and handle transactions across Quebec, throughout Canada and in some parts of the United States.


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