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Always is the resounding answer I receive when I ask this question to groups of real estate agents – and always is pretty accurate.

You negotiate with your sellers and with your buyers. You negotiate on behalf of your clients. You negotiate with your brokerage, your manager, your team leader, or your team members. You negotiate with your colleagues. You negotiate with third parties on behalf of your clients and with suppliers for your own needs. And of course, you negotiate with your family, your friends, and even with yourself; And that’s just real estate. Everything in life is a negotiation.

What if you could change your business and your life by improving the way you negotiate?

Negotiation isn’t arguing over price, chattels, and dates.

Negotiation is a nuanced and complex process that begins the moment you first interact with someone and continues throughout the relationship until the transaction is complete.

In the CNE and the MCNE negotiation designation courses, you’ll learn the art of collaborative deal-making.

I’m going to share the tactics and strategies taught at the top business schools in North America with you.

You’ll learn about competitive bargaining and collaborative problem-solving. You’ll learn how to connect with people and get them to like and trust you quickly. You’ll learn how to use professional empathy to get the other side to want to do business with you and the persuasion skills to get more for your client and yourself. We’ll even dig into the psychology of how people make decisions.

These are the skills that will improve your business and make your life better.

Be prepared to transform the way you see real estate.

I believe that what you have been taught about lead generation is all wrong. If you are good at what you do, you will attract all the clients you can handle. Old school trainers have been pushing you to do the miserable work of lead gen at the expense of gaining the essential professional skills required to earn the respect of your potential clients.

Let’s look to other professionals for a moment to prove my point.

The best massage therapists have long wait-lists. Contractors who do great work are never available. Lawyers who get results aren’t looking for new clients, and fantastic hairdressers are always full up. There is so much demand for their services that they don’t have to advertise or prospect, ever.

Imagine if you had that sort of demand for your services. Imagine being able to pick and choose who you work with. Imagine being respected as an authority on real estate. Imagine not having to beg for business.

I’ve taught nearly 5000 Canadian real estate agents the CNE Core Concepts of negotiation and over 1000 the advanced skills in the Master’s courses. Also, I’ve coached, one on one, hundreds of Canadian real estate agents to very high levels of production, and every one of them achieved that level of success through the mastery of negotiation skills.

When you consistently create amazing experiences and obtain exceptional results for your clients, your business will grow. People will enthusiastically refer you. You’ll gain the confidence required to attract clients, and you’ll have the skills to earn the right to represent them.

Your clients want you to get the best possible outcome for them. It’s not a coincidence that good agents get good results. Whether you are representing a buyer or a seller, you’ll need to deliver excellent customer service, build a solid strategy for that client, and above all, negotiate professionally on their behalf.

After all, we are paid, professional negotiators. Are your skills up to the job?