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Real estate sales is one of the most challenging sales job there is. Many agents get into the business, thinking it’s an easy way to make money, and very quickly realize it is not.

Real estate is a highly competitive business. More than half of all registered TREB agents sold only one or zero homes per year. There is a reason for this, which is apparent when you drive around a neighbourhood and see the same agent’s face everywhere. Those few agents are responsible for the majority of all real estate transactions in the Greater Toronto Area.

Pair this competitive landscape with the lack of knowledge of running a business and the lone-wolf approach of most Agents, and there is little surprise this industry has such a high turnover.

Enter, a highly organized real estate team using technology to improve the way agents find customers and keep in touch with them. Imagine you’re an agent on Tuesday night, and you’re at home couch surfing. Your phone beeps to notify you that a client has sent you a message. You can quickly see what homes they looked at, what neighbourhoods and what price ranges, so you have a good idea of what they’re looking for already. You tap the notification and send the client a quick response “Sure, I’d be glad to help you. Can we have a 5 min chat?”. Few minutes later, you’re speaking with a new real estate client and booking an appointment for them to view a house on the weekend. You think to yourself, eh, that was easy.

“The key is providing our agents not only world-class technology, but also superior training and support through our team approach” says Rafal Starmach, team lead at “We don’t simply hand agents leads, but we support them with technology and tools to make them more productive and efficient.”

The website is a leading real estate and rental marketplace designed to empower consumers with data, insights and knowledge, while instantly connecting them with local licensed real estate professionals.

Agents benefit from a free platform to connect with customers who are looking at real estate properties online. This integrated Client Relationship Management system is available via mobile devices so Agents can always stay connected while on the go.

Once an Agent is assigned a lead, the CRM system tracks customer interactions on the website and instantly displays their activity in the agent’s dashboard. Therefore agents are armed with intelligence about the customer’s preferences long before they connect with the client on the phone or through the email/SMS messages.

This real-time intelligence armed with a know-how of monetizing online leads makes it easy for Agents to maintain many client relationships while always funnelling the most timely deals to the forefront.

Agents find that provides a new way for them to meet clients without having to invest heavily in self-promotion. They don’t have to become marketing experts, but rather focus on providing an excellent service to their clients. As such, they can dedicate more time to servicing clients rather than finding new ones, while always having a clean pipeline of clients who are at different stages of their buying cycle.

“Agents are trained to focus on the most immediate deals, while nurturing the rest through our predictive CRM software. In this fashion, we can bring agents a more stable and reliable stream of clients, and they do not need to worry where their next deal will come from.”

If you are interested in joining the team, please visit or email your resume to us at [email protected]

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