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RELNKS is an easy-to-use platform with powerful possibilities for the homebuying and homeowning industry. Its intuitive interface simplifies a daunting process and helps different sectors of professionals connect and thrive together while better serving homebuyers. The platform provides services for every step of homebuying, filling in the blanks while linking all participants along the way.

A Better Homebuying Experience, Presented by You

If you’re a real estate professional, RELNKS helps you empower clients and increase your productivity. You can connect to your clients on RELNKS as a tool to facilitate the purchase or sale of their home. The platform provides full visibility into your client’s progress and helps you guide their process. Whether ordering the appropriate service providers, securely transferring documents, connecting to other professionals or guiding them to their next step, referring your clients to RELNKS gives them the tools to do it all and more. You’ll be more productive, more connected and avoiding unwanted surprises. With checklists, shared document storage, status tracking and instant access to a wide variety of trusted, local service providers, RELNKS is your opportunity to give your clients the smarter approach to buying or selling a home.

At the core of RELNKS are the straightforward, accessible connections to real estate and home service providers. During any step of buying a home through RELNKS, you or your client can immediately access the services you need. Home Inspectors, Insurance Vendors, Real Estate Lawyers, Moving Services and much more are all available in a quick browsing format. With RELNKS’ simple interface, your client can quickly receive quotes from different providers and confidently make budget-wise decisions. If you are ordering services on behalf of your client, you’ll have the opportunity to build your connections and grow your own referral network on the platform.

RELNKS core services include:

Neighborhood Profiler

  • Review detailed demographics and lifestyle information on neighborhoods
  • Search national real estate listings

Apply for a Mortgage

  • Order credit scores
  • Calculate budgets with the Mortgage Calculator

Home Inspection

  • Shop local Home Inspectors
  • Track inspection progress

Insurance Products

  • Browse vendors for home warranty and home and auto insurance

Real Estate Appraisals

  • Follow the status of real estate appraisals

Home Closing Services

  • Connect to real estate lawyers
  • Sign closing documents at your convenience with mobile signing

Concierge Services

  • Update your address and mailing information for multiple services in one place
  • Manage and connect to utility providers
  • Link to a wide range of property services

Moving Services

  • Choose a moving company
  • Access packing, storage and truck rental services
Better Organization Means Better Homebuying

To further assist with the homebuying process, RELNKS’ Master Checklist, Milestone Tracking and shared document storage ensures all participants stay in the loop and on the ball. The Master Checklist keeps everyone organized and on track to ensure the home closes without issue. When a service is ordered on RELNKS, the checklist will automatically update for all participants to see. The checklist can be a quick reference for you to view the progress of the transaction and can also be customized to your client’s individual needs. With Milestone Tracking, participants can log on to instantly see the progress and status of ordered services in real time.

The shared document storage eliminates redundancies in paperwork and documentation. Avoid back and forth emails and having to repeatedly dig up the same document. All participants upload to one place, making key documents accessible in a pinch. With bank-grade security, you and your client can rest assured that your documents are safe and well protected. Documents can be uploaded with private access to maintain confidentiality and can be downloaded when needed.

Efficient Technology Backed by Experience

RELNKS is a simple solution for a smarter, less stressful homebuying experience. Created by Canadian real estate technology software leaders The Nationwide Group, RELNKS is backed by over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry.

“RELNKS was built to help remove the redundancies and stress in homebuying,” said Tom McCormick, President and CEO of RELNKS and The Nationwide Group. “We identified gaps in the current homebuying process and aimed to capture all the services and participants involved onto one platform. As a result, RELNKS is a mutually beneficial ecosystem where professionals and homeowners can connect and efficiently work together.”

RELNKS will be launching in the Greater Vancouver Area at the end of September 2020, adding to their current offerings available in Ontario. They will be continuing to expand over the coming months, so stay tuned for the rollout by following @RELNKS on social media, below.

RELNKS will be running free webinars demoing the platform and its advantages for real estate agents and mortgage brokers in early Autumn 2020. You can sign up for the webinars and find more information here. If you or your team would like to arrange a private demo, please email [email protected]. You can also sign up and try RELNKS for yourself today at

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RELNKS is a free platform that provides homebuyers and real estate professionals access to all services needed to buy a home. With RELNKS, homebuyers will be guided through the entire process and can connect with other participants and professionals to help them throughout. Backed by leading real estate software providers, RELNKS is currently available in Ontario and will be expanding to the Greater Vancouver Area at the end of September 2020.