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Among the many things COVID-19 has brought us, one positive outcome for the real estate market is next generation QR codes, or “SmartQR codes. What is the difference between a QR code and a Smart QR code, and why should you consider adding this powerful tool into your marketing mix?

A QR code (Quick Response code) is a type of two-dimensional barcode that was first designed in 1994 for the Japanese automotive industry. QR codes became popular due to its fast readability and storage capacity. However, they never became viable until Apple, in mid 2017 included a native QR code reader. Up to then, the big issue was that to unlock QR codes you had to download and install a special reader app. Then you’d have to take out your phone and open that app every time you wanted to scan a code. Now, Android and Apple phones allow you to aim your camera at a QR code and instantly prompt you to open it – one click, easy.

Prior to the pandemic, QR codes were not popular in North America, but they were in Europe and Asia. That has all changed – QR codes are everywhere! People want to be digitally connected in a more meaningful way and Smart QR codes, a form of proximity marketing, are the foreseeable future.

However, there is a big difference between a static QR code and a Smart QR code. Smart QR codes go beyond just connecting you to a website, they pack a powerful digital footprint that can be edited anytime and tracked. They can link to virtual tours, virtual business cards (vCards), apps, maps, and more and many of these can be combined for even a more unique experience. Most notably, they can create powerful landing pages in just minutes, easily connect and link customers to all your social media, survey feedback forms, listings etc – with no app or typing!

Also, what makes QR codes “Smart” is that you have access to anonymous data analytics on where, when and how often your codes are scanned for new leads and edit them anytime even after printing them on business cards, lawn signs and property brochures. Out perform the competition by re-targeting prospects and clients through your Facebook/Google advertising along with multi-language support! When it comes to gauging the effectiveness of marketing assets like billboards, flyers and print ads, being able to close the loop like this is exceedingly rare and valuable. In this competitive market this is a big advantage as the world moves towards a more digital connected experience.

Customers prefer it when realtors are equipped with the latest technology and encourage a hassle-free experience. So how can next generation Smart QR Codes be used by realtors to reap maximum benefits?

  1. vCard – It’s important to provide buyers and sellers an easy way to get and stay in touch with you. Use your own customized Smart QR virtual business card to instantly share your contact details & portfolio (avoid exchanging physical business cards).
  2. Schedule More Property Visits – Scheduling visits, or generating leads for your business, is extremely simple with Smart QR Codes. Potential buyers just have to scan the QR Code on the sign, poster, flyer or a billboard and fill in the form to go see the house they are interested in. Share information about the open house and have them save the invite in their calendars! Alternatively, trigger a phone call, email or text.
  3. Open House & Property Info 24×7 – We know you want to be present for your clients throughout this pandemic and beyond. We got you covered! Place a Smart QR Code on the yard sign that links to a landing page explaining all the great features of the property along with the buyer’s details and your contact information.
  4. Share Location of a Property – Buyers take the location of the house into account before purchasing to ensure that their work or school is nearby. Add a location Smart QR Code to your listing to let them navigate to the property and calculate how far it is from their workplace.
  5. List all Current Listings – With limited staff, it gets difficult to show properties at all times. Potential buyers may or may not be interested in the house they are currently viewing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still sell them a house! Add Smart QR Codes on signage to list all the available properties and an image gallery with links to properties in the area.
  6. Virtual Tours – COVID-19 safety rules can vary and prohibit the number of visitors at a time viewing a property. Why make buyers wait for the open house when you can let them see the house at their convenience? Attach a Smart QR Code to the signage or print adverts to take them on a video tour or view property photos.
  7. Download Mobile App – Have an app? Get buyers and sellers to download your mobile app with an App download Smart QR Code to engage and let them browse through available listings, book visits and create a list of properties they’re interested in to avoid contact with one another.
  8. Retarget Potential Buyers Online – One of the most powerful features of Smart QR Codes is “re-targeting”. Our Smart QR Code solution is the only platform that allows you to retarget users online on Google and Facebook with a single click integration. Once someone has scanned your QR Code campaign but hasn’t converted, you can always retarget them. The privacy of all those who scan your codes is secure and private data protection (GDPR) is adhered to.
  9. Valuable Feedback on the Open House – Collecting feedback is now more important than ever and it explains how transparent you are! Now you can get real-time feedback on the open house with a Feedback Smart QR Code. You can have buyers rate the house out of 5 stars and add their comments.
  10. Dispense Sanitization Practices for Safe Tours – Even with social distancing and safety measures in place, it’s a great idea to sanitize frequently touched areas of the property such as doorknobs, lights, and windows after every tour. Place a Smart QR Code visibly on each floor so customers can scan it to view the frequency of the cleaning.
  11. Contact Tracing – Supply all attendants with a verbal health screening prior to every in-person activity and do not allow in-person access to properties with likely exposure to the virus. Make use of Smart QR code contactless forms to keep track of every visitor and their health status. Stop using pen and paper for visitor forms and tracing purposes.
  12. Implement Virtual Feature Sheet & Guest Registry – Minimize time spent in a property for in-person visits for documentation. Generate a PDF and/or Form Smart QR code for a client to access property feature sheets and complete easy guest registry.

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