Sponsored: Navigating the Big Chill – transparency, consumer smarts and the reinvention of Ontario real estate


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In the four short months since fresh provincial legislation changed the game, Ontario’s real estate market has cooled off but good. Prices are flat if not down and sales volumes look like throwbacks to 2010.

Sobering, no?

The easy analysis runs like this: foreign buyers sidelined (mostly), the ‘hot money’ is looking elsewhere, and it’s all of a sudden a buyers’ market.

Not so fast.

The real estate marketplace is far more complex than just a few simple variables would have you believe: the market’s a real shapeshifter—the influences on the nexus of price, cost and value are as much cultural (‘I have to be downtown’, ‘Hamilton’s where it’s at for families’) as they are pegged to basis points.

Then there’s the sheer weight of data available to sellers and buyers alike, even if, by world standards, Canadian RE stats are pretty two-dimensional: folks know what they’re looking for and they know more than ever before about what they’re looking for. Consumers have never been more aware, more connected, more sure of themselves.

The old ‘value proposition’ for REALTORS® simply won’t cut it any longer. If you’re not providing professional-grade service and even better—‘over the top’ attention to and anticipation of customer needs/wants— you’re in trouble as a REALTOR®.

What this means is that digital transformation—the gradual but insistent ‘app-ing’ of the real estate market in the context of the already digitally disrupted financial services sector—is only half the equation.

The other half is the human factor, what the human relationships around real estate transactions really mean.

At Certified Resale Home, we’ve been designing our service around precisely these human factors: anxiety, a desire to minimize risk and to understand, in a personally comforting way, just what the heck is happening to my family, my money and my financial future in buying a home.

And we’ve been designing and refining the CRH warranty for four years.  We know the thing works.


We know that folks who’ve made claims are happy, REALTORS® who’ve used CRH love the brand differentiation in an increasingly competitive listings market, and, most of all, those REALTORS®—the VIP ladies and gentlemen who are in the market because they love service as their way of life—who want to see their profession thrive in the brave new world of digital real estate know CRH is one clear signal to everybody in the deal that the deal’s a clean sheet.

In a word: transparency.

CRH’s Key Points series of webisode interviews and podcasts with the REALTORS® dedicated to their profession isn’t just a great watch, sharing business intelligence from some of the savviest REALTORS® around.

It’s proof positive the future of real estate is in really good hands.  CRH’s early adopters—male, female, under 40 or over 55, in Barrie or Oshawa or KW or Burlington or Niagara Falls (you know who you are)—all have one trait in common: they’re acting, each and every one of them, on the belief that real estate can be done differently—and that, on their watch, real estate is being done differently.

CRH: it’s one sure way to navigate the Big Chill.

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