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Jeremy Borda enters every home and leaves with a different story. Pleased homeowners reacquainted with square footage, garages emptied and ready for their cheering owners or, in some cases, homes abandoned by hoarders, resold and bulldozed. “It’s easier to empty them, bulldoze them, and rebuild to turn a profit,” he says after seeing this happen multiple times in Toronto’s tenuous real estate market.

“I bought my house back in 2003 for roughly $190,000,” Jeremy recalls, “now, houses in my neighborhood are selling for $2.2 million. When I bought my house I was making $13 an hour, nowadays I don’t know how anyone’s going to buy a house when the prices keep going up.” Borda has worked in most areas of the GTA and sees the spread of these new tricks to home buying as a member of JUSTJUNK’s removal team in Toronto. Being on the front lines, removed from the buyer and seller relationships of real estate, and as a long-time homeowner himself, Borda has seen how real estate development has shifted as the value of quick and easy junk removal services has increased in the often quick-turnaround world of home-flipping, renovations and new home developments in large cities including Toronto and Vancouver.

As a leading service company in Canada, we face all the touch points of the real estate transaction from staging to moving in and out and renovations. These dramatic shifts in how homes are bought and sold, and to what end, were startling to us. No more were home buyers just the Joneses moving into the Smiths’ old home, now it’s the rise of the property developer, the flipper, the condo kings and queens.

A seller looking online at ways to increase their property values for a house sale might be left feeling deflated. There are countless articles abound telling them to upgrade entire rooms, renovate bathrooms and bedrooms. In common to all these suggestions is a massive, $10,000 plus price tag that has to come out of their own pockets in hopes of being able to recoup during the sale of the home. Costs for these renos can come from savings, bank loans, mortgages, etc, but in common these are ideas that put cost out front and recoup/profit in a risky area.

The importance of appearances when selling a home can’t be understated. Staging is key, and ensuring that the home is tidy and there is no garbage or debris from recent revenue impacting renovations visible makes not only for an impressive home, but also can lead to a less time on the market without having to lower the price. Removal options ensure that for a low cost (a full load from our service averages around $500) can limit how long the home stays on the market and increase that sale price by untold amounts.

So what else can your sellers do? Removal’s low cost allow for other low cost renovations that’ll up the sale value of the home from minor fix ups to quick installations, what with one-piece showers to update bathrooms, new lighting fixtures and quick paint jobs those homeowners who aren’t looking to break the bank can spend a little for a much larger return in today’s market.

As we buy and sell homes differently the market demographics evolve. Middle class incomes erode and no longer are homeowners willing to spend $10-$15k on a single room renovation just for a recoup of their dollars in the sale. Savvy homeowners are looking for low cost improvements, DIY upgrades or a quick clean and tidy to move that home off the marketplace fast as put the dollars into their pockets. New legislation is coming into effect across Canada which will tighten the reins on some buyers and increase the stress tests on any potential homeowner soon. So now’s the time to make things easier for the average home seller. That’s why our mission statement is to make removal easy!