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Linking together homebuyers, real estate agents, lenders, mortgage professionals and home service providers, RELNKS is the first company capturing transparency throughout the homeownership process for all participants on one platform. Backed by one of Canada’s most innovative software providers for the real estate industry – The Nationwide Group – RELNKS was built by experts who know homeownership inside and out. Using their full suite of products and connecting to a growing network of service provider partnerships, they’ve created a free-to-use platform that simplifies the homeownership process for consumers and professionals alike.

Homebuying and Homeowning Services – All Under One Roof

RELNKS helps you navigate through every step of homebuying and beyond. The platform links you to a wide variety of trusted service providers and provides all the tools and software needed to go from browsing listings to living in your new home. Easily accessed quotes from various vendors and service providers mean you will always be making informed decisions and saving time in your search. Throughout the process, multi-way status updates are provided to all participants, ensuring you and the professionals involved are aware of progress at all times. The result is a more efficient, less stressful and guided approach to owning a home.

The core services of RELNKS include:

Neighbourhood Profiler

  • Find the right neighbourhood to live in
  • Search national real estate listings

Apply for a Mortgage

  • Order your credit score
  • Discover what you can afford with the Mortgage Calculator
  • Initiate the application process

Home Inspection

  • Connect to local home inspectors
  • View the completed report

Insurance Products

  • Receive quotes from multiple vendors for a multitude of insurance products; home warranty, home and auto insurance

Real Estate Appraisals

  • Schedule and follow the status of your real estate appraisal

Concierge Services

  • Manage the process like a pro with the Master Checklist, moving tips and task reminders
  • Link to a wide range of property service providers from locksmiths to snow removal

Home Closing Services

  • Connect to a real estate lawyer
  • Schedule an in-person document signing or video conference your lawyer while signing closing documents from home

Moving Services

  • Find a moving company
  • Access packing, storage and truck rental services

With the range of services available, RELNKS can help you during any stage of your homeowning process, whether you’re just looking or you’ve already moved in. If you’ve just started your search, you can browse real estate listings and find lifestyle information about prospective neighbourhoods in the Neighbourhood Profiler. With the Mortgage functionality, you can initiate your application, check affordability with the Mortgage Calculator and optionally purchase credit score information.

Once you’ve found the right home, RELNKS makes sure you stay a step ahead of the process and keeps you informed of what tasks remain before you can move in. If you’re looking for insurance, home inspectors or a variety of other home service providers, you can easily browse and compare multiple vendors and quotes.  The Property Services page keeps you only a click away from local and trusted services, such as moving trucks, locksmiths, junk removal, cleaning services, home contractors and more.

How RELNKS helps Real Estate Agents, Lenders, and Mortgage Professionals

RELNKS helps industry professionals stand out by empowering clients during the biggest transaction of their life. With the automatic updates, you are working with a transparent process that keeps all sides apprised of the latest status of documents and appointments, saving significant time along the way. You will see fewer touchpoints requesting the status of the transaction, leaving more time to focus on the business side of things.

In addition to providing a great client experience, RELNKS provides functionality that ultimately brings a more efficient workflow. Convenient checklists and reminders facilitate the entire RELNKS process, making life easier and helping ensure certain milestones are achieved. Document storage is reliable and straightforward on the platform, where bank-grade security ensures all documents are safe and accessible as they are uploaded.

Backed by Experience, Reliability and Technology

RELNKS was designed by The Nationwide Group (TNG), a leading technology company in Canada with over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry. The Canadian-owned company operates in 23 countries and has processed over $12 trillion in mortgages. With RELNKS, TNG has integrated their primary systems and services – Nationwide Appraisal Services (NAS), Nationwide Home Closing Services (HCS) and Nationwide Home Inspectors (NHI) – to enhance the full potential of the platform.

With the inclusion of NAS – the number one appraisal management company in Canada – appraisals within RELNKS are straightforward and cost-effective. Lenders and appraisers registered on the NAS portal will seamlessly transition onto RELNKS. With HCS, RELNKS connects homebuyers and real estate lawyers for an easier home closing process. With the mobile signing feature, you can sign home closing documents when and where it’s convenient. NHI connects applicants to leading home inspectors, allowing one central location for applicants to receive quotes, check the status of their inspection and view the completed report. The integration of these companies means RELNKS is built on strong, proven foundations and extensive networks from launch. With continually growing connections to service providers and industry professionals, the technology and expertise behind RELNKS ensures the free app offers something for everyone.

“With RELNKS, we’ve created a homeownership platform with both the homeowner and the industry professionals in mind,” said Tom McCormick, President and CEO of RELNKS and The Nationwide Group. “By offering a comprehensive suite of tools and services, we are linking together all aspects of homeownership to create a more efficient process and a mutually beneficial ecosystem for all parties. With our most powerful technology and an extensive network of trusted service providers, homeownership can be simple.”

RELNKS launches in Ontario in July and will be rolling out across Canada throughout Autumn 2020. Visit the RELNKS website at

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RELNKS is a free platform that provides homebuyers and real estate professionals access to all services needed to buy a home. With RELNKS, homebuyers will be guided through the entire process and can connect with other participants and professionals to help them throughout. Backed by leading real estate software providers, RELNKS is currently available in Ontario and will be expanding to the Greater Vancouver Area at the end of September 2020.