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It’s easy to get swept away in hot real estate markets where the inventory is low, the bidding is ferocious, and the buyers are desperate to seize their dream home.

Buyers may feel like having a home inspection is not an option during the real estate process, and that it may delay or decrease their chances of getting the house they want.

But even if an offer has been accepted or the sale has closed, there is always an opportunity to learn more about what you’ve just purchased. Buyers can still have peace of mind as they move into a new phase of their lives.

Here are 4 reasons to protect your investment with a home inspection:

1. Get informed

It’s never too late to get the knowledge you need about your new home. A home inspector can provide a thorough, unbiased assessment of the home’s current condition, enabling you to make informed decisions about future upgrades & repairs. This way, you can plan and budget for them as you move into your new home, rather than being taken by surprise once you move in.

2. Keep your family safe

Find out what areas of the home might pose a problem for you & your family. A home inspector will inspect the roof, key systems & appliances, electrical panels, etc…and ensure everything is functioning properly & safe. They can also make suggestions on tradespersons that can assist improve your living environment.

3. Home maintenance

A home inspector can help you identify all major shut offs (water, gas, electrical, etc…) for emergency safety. A seasonal maintenance checklist (Spring/Fall) is also a handy guide for home owners to understand how to properly care & keep your house in good working condition.

4. Additional services

In addition to a post purchase home inspection, buyers can also have the option of services such as Radon Testing, Pool & Spa Inspection, Rodent Inspection, Mould Testing or Air Quality Testing (very useful for family members with allergies or respiratory concerns). Be sure to ask your home inspector if they can perform these services as well.

As you get ready to enjoy a new phase in your life, remember it’s never too late to learn about your new home & how to take care of it so you may enjoy it for many years to come.

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