Imagine each province having one MLS operator

Imagine being able to practice real estate effectively for the province that we are licensed in

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“Imagine all the people living for today”

Imagine the hundreds of millions of dollars currently retained by boards and associations being used productively to improve our industry

Imagine only one board/MLS fee per member

Imagine the fear of obsolescence that is currently controlling business conduct being removed

Imagine the role of current boards to educate and service the membership while engaging in community, government and political outreach

Imagine local agents having access to all listings in their area

Imagine not having the embarrassment of clients finding local, available properties that we as professionals cannot access through our local board’s MLS

Imagine if this national public site had a back end for brokerages and licensed each provincial MLS operator

Imagine not being asked 50 times for a broker copy from an out-of-area agent

“Imagine all the people sharing all the world”

Imagine a consistent set of rules and one Professional Standards, Arbitration and MLS Committee

Imagine an authority actually ensuring compliance and a violation decision in less than six months

Imagine the punishment fitting the crime

“Imagine all the people living life in peace”

Imagine one showing service with all appointments booked through the MLS listing regardless of agent origin

Imagine one lockbox/access system (that works)

Imagine if the power houses in organized real estate recognized that good ethical business practice is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and choosing to do the right thing instead

Imagine if the Members First mandate actually meant putting members interest first

“You, you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one, I hope some day you’ll join us and the world will be as one”


  1. Bureaucracies will never willingly give up their little slices of local control in pursuit of the greater good. They only concern themselves with the greater good of their own particular power bases. “Self Preservation” is their byline. It’s human nature after all. People seeking and attaining power want to/like to tell everyone ese how to live. It’s the very nature of a bureaucrat’s personality with power.

    John Lennon was a communist at heart. He was a good songwriter, but he was young and naive. Yes, it would be wonderful if the world was a perfect place for all, but that will never happen. The concept of perfection is a human construct. It’s unachievable, but worthy of aspiring thereto. Singing songs and wistfully wishing for something will not create it. The real estate game will go on, people will complain about its failings, but when one wants to sell his/her property, a Realtor will most likely be the first thing that comes to mind for the seller, and by default, the bureaucrats will continue to keep their comfy jobs. The system is baked into our psyches. The bureaucrats know that.

    It will take government intervention to upset the applecart, and most don’t want government any where near their lives…unless there’s a handout in the offing.

    • Thanks Brian, should Boards represent their membership or should membership represent their Boards? Membership has a voice but most members never use it. Just putting this out there.

      • Gareth:

        Boards should be a reflection of their members’ concerns via “yes” or “no” votes on particular issues, and board bureaucrats should not inject their own personal opinions, thus weight, into decisions affecting said members’ ways and means of making a living. They have no skin in the game, save for collecting dues-dollars, and the more the better, both in membership numbers and cold hard incoming cash. They’re not there to tell anyone what to do or think. They are there to do the bidding of the paying membership which provides that cold hard cash for their incomes.

        The membership should, via its communal behaviour, represent what the boards espouse to the public re ethical conduct being practiced in a professional manner. If the membership displays a non-professional image to the public, how can one expect boards to be any different?

        Yes, the membership has a voice, but you correctly say it is mute much (most?) of the time across the board. That’s on the membership which is desperately trying to make a deal to get by, into the next month, and has no time for politics. It’s much easier to do nothing and then complain when the boards screw up than to do something proactively. It’s human nature after all, and as I said earlier, the board members know all about that.

        What O.R.E.—thus the membership—needs, is a dictator dedicated to cleaning up its own house. I vote for me:-)

        No, I’m not a hybrid, a cross between a penis and a potato. But I have been called a prick and a spud once or twice, but not at the same time…and only by envious types.

        If Jim the-editor-guy lets this one slip by, he’s definitely lightening up and mentally kicking the politically-correct cancel-culture types to the curb.

        • Thanks again Brian, as in most organizations having a Board of Directors, heavy reliance is placed on information surrounding a topic being provided by staff. This is typically presented as a well researched and thought out position to move forward with a supported decision by the Directors. Organized Real Estate (ORE) is no different. Unfortunately and often the decision makers (Directors) are not directly or personally impacted by the concerns expressed in this article and therefore, in their view, the matter is insignificant.

          • Hi Gareth:

            Re your statement: “Unfortunately and often the decision makers (Directors) are not directly or personally impacted by the concerns expressed in this article and therefore, in their view, the matter is insignificant.”

            To my mind what you are saying is, the “decision makers” are out of touch with the very people for whom they have been hired to represent, and who are paid by those very people for whom they might even regard as possibly being insignificant in the greater scheme of things, because after all, except for the small core of successful Realtors—relatively speaking—here-today-gone-tomorrow Realtors come and go in to and out of the vocation like ships passing in the night.

            Have I overstated the intent of your words?

            If my assessment of your intent is accurate—or even close to being accurate—then we have a real problem on our hands re how O.R.E. is governed…or should I say…manipulated.

            Your thoughts?

    • Hi Brian,

      To reply to your most recent reply post, I believe that you have grasped my thoughts. For instance without using any specifics: Most decision makers at the board level have successful businesses and could be brokerage owners, managers or part of the sales force. In larger urban centres their business is mostly generated locally and is network based. Very little consideration is given to those who “wander” outside the core to conduct their business. The same applies in reverse, very little consideration is given to those who “wander” inside the core to conduct their business. In their view, it is simply not a significant enough issue for the decision makers to warrant making changes for those thousands that are impacted negatively.

      • Hi Gareth:

        So then, what you are implying is thus: Were we discussing the stock market/exchange/stock brokers etc., we would be talking about how rules and regulations are put in place allowing for an under-the-table form of insider trading, or synonymous descriptions of that nature.

        I don’t live very far from your office. I might drop by one day over the next week or so to have a chat. A plan to shake things up has to start somewhere, and it just might emerge from somewhere not expected by the elites.

        It appears we have an oligarchical mind set regulating/running the real estate brokerage business via O.R.E. oligarchs.

        • Happy to meet with you Brian in one of our Kawarthas paradise offices or a place of your choice. You have a refreshing viewpoint!!

  2. It can be done – we did it in Saskatcha-1. 1 MLS, 1 board/association. It takes collaboration. People have to be willing to give up their individual control to benefit the bigger picture. All for 1 and 1 for all. 🙂

    • It almost happened in B.C. also. It came close enough to send a very clear message that Realtors want change and also the freedom to practice where they choose to when their clients and business takes them there.

  3. Well said Gareth, I imagine these same things too, and I believe one day soon this will happen. It’s time for our boards to listen to the members and work to make this a reality.

    • The Board’s “Us Against Them” mentalities must end in our industry. We are all in this together provincially and need the MLS to ensure hurdle-free business opportunities for all.


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