Social media marketing is an “organic” (meaning unpaid) form of marketing where you not only reach out to your sphere on a regular basis, but also build that sphere. Before working on building your “friends” or following however, you need to learn how to maximize on what you have already. For example, if two out of 100 people sell/buy a home every year, then you need to have at the bare minimum 100 engaged people on your social media in order to get one deal per year (but these numbers go up the more engaged followers you have).

“Active” social followers are the digital holy grail, as not all your followers will be actively checking out all your content. So…how do you get them to see your content and how do you get them to contact you when they are looking to sell or buy a home? The answer is engagement.

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The point of social media marketing is to get new friends (think: contacts), to engage with them, have them like/trust you, then reach out to you when they are ready to buy or sell – or send others your way. Simply posting things on social media won’t do it. That’s talking at people, not with people.

Posting alone won’t cut it because:

  1. if they aren’t engaging with your content, your content will be showed less and less in their feed and
  2. people don’t like being talked at – it should be a two-way conversation (and you accomplish that through engaging with them).

The more you engage with your audience, the better you will do and the more business you will get. Ways to engage are replying to their comments, liking their content, commenting on their content and sending them private messages.

You should be responding to every comment on your social media, even if it’s just a quick “thanks!”, or “great idea!” or even “ha ha”.

If you aren’t sending at least 20 likes, comments and messages per week, then you aren’t connecting with your digital sphere enough. If that sounds daunting, consider that the average direct message takes less than three minutes to create.

If you spent even three minutes writing a message (and most will take less time) to 20 people per week, that would be 60 minutes per week. That is one hour per week to connect with 20 people in your sphere. This is a gift of modern technology that you can reconnect with so many people so quickly. Back in the old days, connecting with 20 people would take 20+ hours a week to go and visit them.

For those who respond, have a great conversation and reconnect, and figure out a way to casually drop into conversation that you’re a Realtor. This can be by saying how blessed you are that you have such amazing clients and that business is going so well or mentioning to a potential downsizer that you just helped a client downsize into an amazing condo with a pool and how insanely happy they are. There are ways to drop being a Realtor into conversation that will remind them (without annoying them) that you help people with real estate.

Contact 20+ people every week and it is guaranteed that your business will increase.

Expert engagement tip:

Look for your top followers/engagers. These are the people who make the most comments and like your posts the most. These are your brand supporters and can be super powerful. Figure out who they are and be sure to follow them on Facebook, engage with their content, tag them in posts and occasionally reach out to them with a Facebook private message. The validation they feel will encourage them to support you further and promote your content.

If you are continually posting without looking at how people are engaging with your content, who is engaging with that, and then bringing that into your strategy, then you are really missing the boat. And you’re working harder than you need to be. You will do much better focusing on a core audience than trying to find new people to turn them into hardcore supporters (and if you can’t support your current hardcore supporters, you won’t be able to support new ones even if you can get them to that point).


  1. IF you don’t want fellow real estate agents commenting then block them or don’t have them as FB friends. Well Purplebricks is one way to go BUT… I can tell you as a Realtor of 35 years AND a person who drives a 2009 Jeep Patriot that is in excellent condition, and who lives in a little house and sells a LOT of real estate I have a HUGE following of people both on FB and in person. People who like me for WHO I am, WHAT I represent and stand for in my personal life AND my business. My honesty and help give them the accurate knowledge they need to make decisions on the biggest investment in many cases in their lives. WE rescue clients from bad clauses in offers from inexperienced agents who have part time jobs because they can’t make a living at selling real estate or they work for a company that came from England then went to the USA and is now in Canada because they think that ALL real estate agents do is put a sign on the lawn and drive a fancy car. What about those of us who work? WE are there to support our clients through tough times like loss of jobs, marriage break ups, divorce, loss of family or children, empty nesters, seniors that are alone or have dementia and we have to help family get the house sold. What about the bankruptcies, those investors who want to flip houses and take up a lot of time or the First Time buyer who thinks they know everything yet really don’t know what is most important. YES discount real estate will always be used by some people who think they are saving money…that is ok. The rest who want service, great advice, connections to other people in the process like lawyers, mortgage brokers, decorators, electricians, cabinet refinishers, cleaners, window and roofers, etc. Good luck with your next sale….hope it all works out for you without any issues. MY CLIENTS will still be with me till I retire.

  2. Social media has become the advertising base for real estate “coming soon” “just listed” “just sold” #overask #bigcommissions.

    The list of likes and comments are generally from the agents and associates from the same brokerage pumping up the boss and their business associates.

    Social media posts that show a video flaunting an agents wealth and success is actually a turn off to potential buyers and sellers. “Sold in 7 days over asking price of $1.2M” equals $60K in commissions. Does your Oncologist or Neurologist who saves lives earn $10K per day from one client with a few tweets and posts?

    The fleet of Mercedes at the local office and the posts of world travel to awards events is sending the wrong message and people are realizing agents and brokers are charging too much, especially in a low inventory market where houses sell themselves.

    Anyone can write up a Harlequin Romance description for a home to attract buyers. Sadly the Scarlet O’Hara staircase focus often results in incorrect details.

    Thankfully Purplebricks and other options are available to those that don’t support the flaunting rich agents.


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