Silent Beacon, a new wearable safety device, offers features not available on other devices or Realtor safety apps, says its manufacturer.

One push on the Silent Beacon simultaneously calls 911, alerts loved ones via text/email and sends your GPS location.

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The company says Silent Beacon grew out of the founder’s own brush with death in a motorcycle accident. Former Hollywood stuntman and YouTube star Kenny Kelley crashed while popping a wheelie on his motorcycle at 70 mph. He couldn’t even reach his cell phone to call anyone as he lay on the side of the road. In those long minutes of desperation, the idea for a wearable emergency communication device was born, the company says. After recovering from that crash, Kelley created Silent Beacon.

The device has multiple customized direct contact options (911/EMS), with the ability to program any number into the one-push emergency call.

There are no monthly payments or hidden fees. (Special additional services can be activated upon request.)

The two-way communication device is designed for easy activation and avoidance of false alerts, the company says. It works internationally, so you can customize your primary call to the local jurisdiction’s 911-equivalent.

The Silent Beacon’s call and alert settings are set through a free app. The device is small and light enough to comfortably wear on your belt, around your neck or attached to your keys.


  1. My comment on this “advertising article” is:

    Loaded at the very top of the home page, a thumbs up icon beside UNDERLINED “NO FEES”

    And –
    Copied and pasted from your website…

    No Mandatory Fees

    Purchasing the Silent Beacon unlocks all subscription features.


    Purchase the device and unlock all the features without needing any monthly subscription fees.

    Seems like an incredible product having many features. I can’t help but think this is bordering on false advertising perhaps … with such a useful tool there’s no need for distorted information.

    No fees? …
    No monthly fees …
    No subscription fees …

    No Contracts
    Find the best plan that suites your current needs, NO contracts.

    Best of all there are no mandatory [???] monthly fees and you can download our Silent Beacon employee safety app for life alerts for FREE!


    Optional [extra ???] 24/7 Call Center
    Our certified 24/7 Call Center allows you to have extra protection for you and your loved ones as we monitor your status around the clock.


    First you can buy a one-month trial (but I can’t navigate back to the page where it speaks to that … there are two separate instances of dollars noted (I think I saw but couldn’t find that info again on the site). One amount was $7.99 and I think the other was $14.99 (I wanted to re-check but couldn’t get back to that information any which way). And then there is the “ANNUAL” $99. Operating renewal fee???

    We are in Canada. And is it safe to guess these prices are in USd, seeing as your contact info appears to be stateside where it is noted emailed form contact questions will be replied to “as soon as possible.”

    And your 844 telephone help line says you are experiencing technical difficulties; callback later.

    Maybe it’s just me… but why can’t I go back to revisit those specific website pages.

    This sounds like an amazing product but the site is unnecessarily awkward. I can think of hundreds of uses.
    But you don’t make it easy to find things on your site.

    If you don’t read REM, (and many people who provide advertising articles don’t) of course you won’t see my comment here.

    I have some useful marketing comments but we’ll see if you are able to read this.

    Carolyne L ?
    (Carolyne at Carolyne dot com)

    • Carolyne,

      Thank you for your feedback. We are constantly making changes and improvements to our website – I’m not sure when you visited our website, but it sounds like you were looking at our business portal. If you’d like to speak further about your experience, you can call us at 1-844-641-4357 or reach out via email to [email protected].


      The Silent Beacon Team

      • Just called the number provided. And initially I had gone to the REM link provided.

        Message said on line two “hold for next available sales agent.” Followed by “our office is now closed.”

        I’m in Canada.

        Carolyne L

        • I had to request editor Jim to forward my initial comment to from whomever REM received the story. I could think of hundreds of uses for the product but can’t imagine if it is this difficult even to figure out the (real) price, and how on earth to purchase the product, the difficulty that would ensue in operation of any involved emergency. It’s really quite sad. Not meaning to sound critical but perhaps the cart got ahead of the horse in the order of business. Best of luck in successful marketing of this badly needed product both in and out of our profession.


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