Sharing information gives us all power


Like so many other people, I have found myself in awe of the new technology that is being introduced today. Many of the products and the software that runs them are truly remarkable.

The tools we have that allow us to communicate and provide us with the ability to deliver information are extraordinary.

The key to it all is the integrity of the information. The value of information is its relevance. The measure of worth for information is its usefulness.
It occurs to me that information is only useful when it is shared.
When you think about it, it’s odd that the most precious things in life are locked up or put away in secure places. Great treasures in our world are horded and saved. Like gold or money or secret formulas. And when that happens, it does no one any good at all.
Information is like that. It is worthless when it is put away. It only seems to gain value when it is given away. I find it fascinating that the person who gives away valuable information freely is often a person who benefits from the process the most. It’s like magic.
I have often thought that there is a great deal of magic in the real estate business. Certainly there are always the fundamentals of sound decisions and fair exchanges of money and value. But beyond that there is the potential of a home, the fulfillment of dreams, and a sharing of imagination. I could argue that these things are as real as any part of a business transaction. These things are as real as money. And all of these things depend on the integrity of information.
When it comes down to it, these things are the foundation of the MLS system. At the end of the day, it is a system that shares information freely.
Certainly it costs money to operate the system, fair enough. But the information that goes into it and comes out of it, well that’s pretty much put in and taken out freely.
Now I am an old guy, but the foundation of the MLS system was created even before my time. Back in those days it was referred to as a co-operative or photo co-op system. When this sharing system was first created, it took a lot of convincing for many real estate agents to come on board with the whole idea. Try to imagine a businessman who is hired as an agent for a property transaction being asked to share his business with a competitor, another agent. For many, it
just did not make sense to give away information so someone else could take a share of the business or commission. Why would anyone do that?
The reasons are obvious today. The MLS system of sharing information is critical to Realtors. It is the sole reason that real estate boards and associations operate. These organizations maintain and guard the integrity of the information that is shared. These organizations are owned and operated by Realtors. And I honestly worry that if that ever changed, the integrity of the MLS system could be at risk.
So here we are today with astounding technology operated by Realtors to take information from their MLS system. Realtors pay dearly for this technology. And then they use it to give valuable information away freely.
But at the end of the day, it is always the case that the person who gives away the most and gives the greatest information value away freely, is the one that is the most successful in business and indeed life.
I just know there’s a message in here somewhere.

Heino Molls is the publisher of REM. Email [email protected]

By: Heino Molls
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