My extensive library of real estate books dates from around 1962 and I continue to buy new ones as they are published or gifted to me. I read them all and think, “I have read this all before but with different wording.” Most real estate books are just recycled thoughts that have already been published.

Sorry, most real estate books are more about the author wanting to be an author. Few really stand out but there are some great milestone books in real estate.

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At the fall NAR Expo in Boston I picked up Selling Luxury Homes by Jack Cotton, a Sotheby’s broker from Cape Cod. I could not put it down. There are just so few books on the selling of upscale homes and Jack may have written the ultimate guide to being a top Realtor in that field.

What I liked about his approach – he is real. He has written a reference book that can guide a Realtor into the luxury field but I found that his book is a guide for any aspect of real estate sales as he works as a quality professional. That status holds with any price point.

I found this to be a practical, step-by-step approach, based on his rich experience. I loved the part where he defines the various strata of the wealthy, which I had never really considered before. He explains how to work with each group from the barely millionaires and wanna-be’s, to the super rich. He explains how to bring value to the table, to maintain one’s fees and to gain a referral business from the highest sources.

As someone who wrote and teaches a seminar, Appraising the Luxury Property For Listing Purpose, I will be incorporating parts of his content into my training sessions. His charts and grids about pricing are first rate. The downloads that come with the book are invaluable.

I did not review this book because I was asked to, I have done so because I believe that this is one of the best real estate books that I have read in recent years and a rare treat. The luxury market does not have abundant literature.

Check out Jack Cotton’s webpage and order this book. I noted that Amazon offers a Kindle version as well at a very reasonable price. In the end I read it, then I went back into it with pen and paper and made notes that I can apply in my own practice, which is far from working with the very rich. He gives sage advice for any professional Realtor.

I give this book a four star rating.


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