SCREA ruling bans five-year-old photos of sales reps


Sunshine Coast Real Estate Association


Important Advisory to All Sunshine Coast Real Estate Professionals

Sechelt, BC — April 1, 2012 — It has recently come to our attention that many REALTORS® on the Sunshine Coast are using promotional photos in their advertising and on their business cards that are out of date and no longer depict reality.

As a respected profession, it is important that our promotional materials be completely above board and not designed to induce potential buyers and sellers to choose the services of a REALTOR® through misrepresentations of physical appearance. This is also important in order to avoid possible prosecution under Part VII.1of the Competition Act (“Deceptive Marketing Practices”). The Competition Bureau is not our friend and we would prefer not to give them any more opportunities to attack us.

We are, therefore, establishing a simple new rule regarding the use of photos: promotional photos must be no more than five years old. For example, you can no longer use your high school graduation photo or your wedding photo on your business cards if these events occurred before 2007. If you are affected, we recommend you buy a fresh new suit or have your hair re-styled and have new photos taken immediately. Ask your managing broker about possible reimbursement. Expenses may also be tax deductible. Please consult with your tax accountant.

We appreciate your anticipated co-operation in this matter. It will certainly help level the playing field for the younger and more attractive members of the profession and help them survive in these very challenging times. And it will also protect the major investments of those of our more mature members who have undergone costly and painful “botox” and “lift” procedures so they can compete more effectively. So it’s a win-win for all age groups.

To assist you in determining whether your photos are acceptable, we provide the attached visual guide.


For more information contact Miss April F. Ool at [email protected]

Submitted by Gary Little, Royal LePage Sunshine Coast, Sechelt, B.C.


  1. IF it is a picture of you, not matter from what year, they can't stop you from using it. Get lost, take me to court would be my response. Whether it's unprofessional or not is not a reason that would withstand the Charter.

    • Shane:

      Are you an offspring of Miss April F. Ool?

      You know what they say…

      "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!"

      Do you remember the western movie from the 50's entitled "SHANE"?

      The star, a drifter cowboy type, comes across a rundown farmstead in the middle of nowhere whereon a good-looking widow (about 30ish) and her young son (about ten) are trying to scratch out a living without their husband/father.

      The drifter hangs around for awhile, helping out, forming a bond with the boy, as well as with his mother, if you get my drift re the drifter's interest. Then he all of a sudden gets his drifter calling again, and he leaves one morning, riding off into the distance, as a tearful,forlorn little boy looks on, calling out…


      Lucky for the movie that the drifter wasn't you, otherwise that little boy's (and the movie's) last words might have been…


      I try so hard to not be unprofessional with my replies herein, but, alas, today I fear I have succeeded…at being unprofessional.


  2. John I once knew a real estate agent that used his dog's pic on his business and the dog looked better than the agent did,great story.

    • Emmett, I get your drift, but would you not agree that dog's in general look much cuter than any agent you've met?

      P.S. Insofar as my post, I did in fact blow my own horn. Did not mean to. Sorry about that.

  3. The upper right photo of poor old, drunk Nick Nolte looks like what a Realtor might look like after having been through the meat grinder with Melanie Aitken, speaking of which, I saw Ms Aitken being interviewed on the street last Sunday night on CTV's W5 by Victor Malarek….She did not look quite like her photo as it appears from time to time on this site.

    But, what the heck, she was just trying to ignore and brush off Victor, with no thought being given to looking her best.

    • Brian the "upper right photo" above the you commented about makes me wonder if that's what you now look like now since your retirement. No need to despair pal, I can always refer you to a good barber here in Toronto.

    • Actually John, that is what I thought you would look like after reading some of my more outlandish posts!

      That picture does look something like a mock-up of one I created of myself as I might look like at age 90 which I placed on my first flyer when I re entered this business during August 2008. The other three pictures placed strategically at the four corners of the flyer were of myself at age eighteen months, sixteen years, and a then current one circa 2007-2008.

      The flyer generated a lot of interest, and some business to boot.

      It goes to show that one should not take one's self too seriously.

      If Nick Nolte's "Book 'im Dano" jail house shot looks like 'you' after digesting some of my on-line diatribes, I'm glad that said diatribes made you feel better!

      Back to you!


    • Brian I would never allow myself to look so messy as in the Nick Nolte picture. I am a good dresser and always maintain a neat appearence I don't like blowing my own horn but I've been told by many that I "look like a movie star."

      Insofar as your 4 corners picture business card, I think your idea was brilliant, especially the fact that it generated some business for you.

      Personally, I never used my picture in any of my business cards.

  4. CREA should be all over this. It is really about time. I met one agent on tour and thought it must be the agents mother. Using photos from 1985 is just so unprofessional it's almost laughable. If you are still working at 80 be proud of the fact it. You don't need to hide it. The way my RSP is going I will probably be doing opens at 80 and will probably be bald, fat and proud of it. Cheers Scott
    Way to go Sechelt


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